By Vivian / Last Updated February 15, 2022

Need to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop for file transfer right now!

"I've been using  Remote Desktop for a few days now, but I'm still learning how to use it. Now I urgently need to use Remote Desktop to transfer files from my friend's PC (2 PCs are Windows 10 on the same LAN). But I have no idea how to achieve it. Can anybody show me some concrete steps?"

How to transfer files with Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Remote Desktop is a Windows built-in feature offered by Microsoft that allows us to remotely access or control a PC from another PC on the same LAN. Using Remote Desktop Connection to transfer files remotely on Windows 10  is not hard actually.  And the function "file transfer" has even become a popular function that is appraised by many users. In this part, I’ll show you step-by-step guides to do it.

Step 1. On the host PC, press Win + I to open "Settings", and then go to "System" > "Remote Desktop", tick the "Enable Remote Desktop".


Step 2. Open Remote Desktop Connection by pressing Windows + R simultaneously, inputting “mstsc.exe” and clicking “OK”.


Step 3. Click the Show Options button on the bottom of the left side.

Show Options

Step 4. Locate on the "Local Resources" tab, then choose the last section “local devices and resources” and click the button “More”.

Check clipboard

Step 5. The choice “Drive” is on the list. Click “+” beside “Drive” and then choose the specific files you need to transfer. When you are done you can click OK.

Check drives

Step 6. Return to the main interface, input the IP address and the username of the remote PC, and then click on "Connect". (If you don't know the IP address and the username of the remote PC, pay attention to the bonus tip.)

Realize RDP

Step 7. Now enter the password of the remote PC, and then the connection is established. The screen will be like the following picture.

Remote Desktop of the Remote PC

Step 8. Locate the location of your file, such as "Lora" on the desktop of the remote PC. Choose the folder or files and then press "Ctrl + C", and then go back to your own screen. Press "Ctrl + V".

Transfer Files to Local PC

Bonus tip: How to find the username and the IP address of the remote PC

Step 1. Search CMD in the search box and then right-click the option, choose "Run as Administrator".

Run as Administrator

Step 2. Input "ip config" and then press the "Enter" key.  Then you can see the IP address and the username.

IP Address

What if copy and paste not working?

However, we have to admit that we may meet with different kinds of issues when we use Remote Desktop to transfer files on Windows 10, such as copy and paste not working. At this time, what can we do to fix the issue? Here we come up with a most useful way for you to quickly fix the issue.

End and restart RDP in Task Manager

Step 1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del  to open the Task Manager.

Task Mnager

Step 2. Go into the Details tab and find the task named “rdpclip.exe”.

RDP Clip

Step 3. Right-click “rdpclip.exe” task and then click “End task”.

End RDP Clip

Step 4. Go to File and then click Run new task.

Run New Task

Step 5. A Create new task window will pop up. Type in “rdpclip.exe” in the box and then click OK to restart Remote Desktop Clipboard.   

Create New Task


Now, you must have known how to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop for file transfer. If the copy and paste are not working for you, try the solution shown above.  But in case you run into RDP errors again, we recommend you to use the third-party software,  like AnyViewer, to get you out of the trouble.