Tutorial: Transfer PDF from PC to iPad without iTunes

Some of you may do not like to transfer PDF from PC to iPad with iTunes for it will erase all the data on your iPad. Here in this post, we will introduce four ways to help you transfer PDF between PC and iPad wirelessly and safely.


By Ellie / Updated on November 24, 2022

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How do I transfer PDF files from PC to iPad without iTunes?

“For some reason, I need to transfer PDF files from PC to iPad. I know that I can use iTunes, but there are two reasons why I am not: 1) it requires a USB cable to connect my iPad to PC using iTunes; 2) using iTunes will erase all the data on my iPad. I don’t want to take any risk of losing my data. So how do I move PDF files from PC to iPad wirelessly and safely?

- Question from Quora”

As stated, copying PDF files from a PC to an iPad using iTunes puts your entire iPad data at risk. Before you use iTunes, make a backup of your iPad. Furthermore, connecting your iPad to your PC requires the usage of a USB cable, which is inconvenient. Some of you may want easier ways to transfer files from PC to iPad without iTunes.

How to transfer PDF files from PC to iPad without iTunes

Can I transfer PDF from PC to iPad wirelessly? The answer is YES! You're able to transfer files from PC to iPad, including PDF files. Here in this post, we listed four ways to help you move PDF between PCs and iPad wirelessly and safely. By the way, all the following mentioned four programs can also be used on iPhone, so you are able to move PDF from PC to iPhone as well.

Method 1. The Windows built-in Remote Desktop

 Step 1. Download RD Client on your iPad and then open it.

Download RD Client iPad

Step 2. Click “+” sign and then click Add PC.

Add a PC

 Step 3. Enter the desktop name or IP address. Type the account name you want to use in the User Account field, or just select Ask When Required.

Add PC Information

Step 4. Configure other options as you needed. Then click Save.

Configure PC

Step 5. An icon for the computer you want to access will appear, tap that icon. Before this, please make sure that Remote Desktop has been enabled on your computer.

Remote PC Desktop

Step 6. Then you can access and transfer PDF files by long-pressing them to copy them on a computer and then pasting them on iPad.

Transfer PDF

✍ Note: There is one thing that you need to pay attention to. You need to make sure that the two devices you are meant to connect to are under the same Wi-Fi to use RD Client.

Method 2. The iPad built-in Files app

Step 1. On the computer, save the PDF that you want to move to the iPad into a folder, then right-click the folder and choose Properties.

Properties Folder

Step 2. Go to Sharing tab, then click Share.

Sharing Folder

Step 3. Choose people to share with, then click Share.

Sharing User

Step 4. Click Done to finish the process.


Step 5. Open the built-in Files app on your iPad.

Files App

Step 6. Tap on the "triple-dot" icon located at the top-right corner.

Connect to Server

Step 7. Put in the server address and tap Connect.

Server IP Address

Step 8. Choose Guest or Registered User according to the setup on your file server. Enter the username and password, and then tap Next.

Registered User

Step 9. You will now be connected to the shared folder. You’re able to copy the PDF files you want by long-pressing them and then pasting them to your iPad.

Shared Folder

Method 3. iCloud Drive

 Step 1. On the computer, open the iCloud Drive page in the browser. And then enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account.

Sign in to iCloud

Step 2. After you’ve logged in to iCloud Drive, you’ll see a row of icons on the upper middle of the screen. Click the second icon (Upload) to upload your computer PDF to your iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive

Step 3. On your iPad, go to the Files app and navigate to iCloud Drive, you’ll see the PDF files you just uploaded on your computer.

Uploaded Files

Step 4. You can long-press the file and then download it.

Download Files

Method 4. OneDrive

 Step 1. Click This PC, then find and click OneDrive - Personal on the left pane.


Step 2. Sign in to your Microsoft account to activate OneDrive.

Set Up OneDrive

Step 3. Save the PDF that you want to move from PC to iPad in Documents.


Step 4. Download OneDrive on your iPad from App Store. Open it and sign in to your Microsoft account.

Transfer Files to iPad From Computer

Step 5. Go to the Documents tab, you’ll see the PDF files you want. Then click the Share icon.

Upload File

Step 6. You can save the PDF to Files. You can find them in the app later.

Save to Files


Many things have become considerably easier for us as a result of the advancement of computer technology. Transferring PDF from PC to iPad is a good example. The traditional way to transfer PDF from PC to iPad with iTunes is complicated and risky. Now, we have many other ways to move PDF wirelessly and safely.

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