Effortless Sage Remote Data Access Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can learn how to efficiently configure Sage Remote Data Access setup in this comprehensive guide. Simplify collaboration and boost productivity by harnessing the power of seamless data access.


By Hester / Updated on June 27, 2023

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How do I connect to Remote Data Access in Sage?


I'm a small business owner looking to connect to Remote Data Access in Sage for seamless access to critical data. Can someone guide me through the Sage Remote Data Access setup process step-by-step? I want to ensure efficient collaboration with my team and optimize workflow. Thanks in advance!”

- Question from a user

Business Remote Data Access

Is Sage Remote Data Access setup necessary?

In today's modern era, many work-from-homeapps have emerged in the market, offering businesses the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere. One such tool is Sage Remote Data Access, a cloud-based service that enables secure sharing of company account data. With this service, you and your fellow users can conveniently access your company accounts from any location, even in the comfort of your home.

The data is transmitted securely through the cloud, allowing Remote Data Access users to connect to the company's data using their computers equipped with Sage 50cloud Accounts. This tool is particularly advantageous when you and your colleagues are based in diverse geographical locations.

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How to set up Sage Remote Data Access

This post offers a comprehensive guide to setting up Sage Remote Data Access. You need to check if you can use Sage Remote Data Access, backup your data, and enable Remote Data Access.

Part 1. Check if you can use Sage Remote Data Access

Before embarking on the setup process for Sage Remote Data Access, it is crucial to ensure that you meet the following requirements:

►Internet connection: It is highly recommended to have a minimum download speed of 4Mbps and an upload speed of 2Mbps at all sites. It is also advisable to avoid using a wireless Internet connection.

►Version numbers: Verify that all computers involved have the same version number installed, along with the latest updates.

Part 2. Backup your data

To ensure the safety of your data and mitigate any potential issues, it is strongly advised to create a backup of your Sage 50 Accounts software before making any significant changes.

Step 1. Launch the Sage software and navigate to the "File" tab. Then, select "Back up."

Back Up

Step 2. Please take note of the suggested file name or modify it according to your preference. Click the "Browse" button to choose a specific location to save the backup file. Once done, click "OK."

Backup Interface

Step 3. If you receive a prompt to verify your data, click "Yes."

Backup Confirm

Step 4. Click "Close." when there is no detected error.

Close File Report

Step 4. When the backup process is complete, click "OK."

Successful Backup

Part 3. Enable Remote Data Access

Now you need to perform Sage Remote Data Access log in, and enable Remote Data Access.

Step 1. Launch Sage 50 Accounts and log in as MANAGER.

Step 2. Navigate to the "Settings" section and click on "User Management," followed by "Users."

User Management

Step 3. Locate and select the MANAGER user, then click on "Edit."

Edit Manager

Step 4. If your company data is already linked to your Sage Account, ensure that the "Allow Remote Data Access" checkbox is selected.

Allow Remote Data Access

Step 5. If you cannot select the checkbox, it implies that you need to establish a link between your company data and your Sage Account. To initiate this process, click "Get started now with your Sage account."

Get Started

Step 6. Click Continue.


Step 7. Enter your first and last name, then affirm your identity by selecting "Yes, I am the right person."

I am the Right Person

Step 8. Verify your company information and click "Continue."

Enter Company Information

Step 9. Log in to your Sage account.

Login Sage Account

Step 10. Now that you have successfully linked your company data, you can select the "Allow Remote Data Access" checkbox. Enter the required user details and click "Save."

Enable Allow Remote Data Access

Step 11. Generate a passphrase to enhance the security of your data, and finalize the process by clicking "Upload data."

Create Passphrase

Once all the data has been successfully uploaded, your Sage Remote Data Access is now fully configured and ready for use.

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Log in Anyviewer

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Free Editions

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Connect to My Devices

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That all for Sage Remote Data Access setup. If you are looking for an easier way to remotely access work resources, there's one standout choice: AnyViewer. With its seamless and user-friendly setup, accessing your data remotely has never been easier.