Full Tutorial: Mouse without Borders Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse without Borders keyboard shortcuts make it easier to navigate and control multiple devices seamlessly. If you're interested in customizing these keyboard shortcuts to better suit your workflow and preferences, continue reading for detailed instructions and tips.


By Ellie / Updated on June 7, 2024

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What is Mouse without Borders?

Mouse without Borders is a software developed by Microsoft Garage that allows users to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard. It enables seamless movement of the cursor between connected computers, making it easier to work across different machines without the need for extra peripherals.

Mouse without Borders offers several keyboard shortcuts to enhance user experience and efficiency. These shortcuts help users perform various actions such as switching between connected computers, copying and pasting text, and initiating specific commands without having to navigate through menus. They streamline the workflow and make it easier to manage multiple computers seamlessly.

How to set up Mouse without Borders keyboard shortcuts

Here are the steps to guide you to set up Mouse without Borders keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Install the app on all your machines. During setup, note the security code and computer name. Keep this dialog open and proceed to another computer.


Step 2. On the second PC, confirm the presence of a security code, enter the details, and click Link.

Step 3. Click the Settings > Other Options tab > Here you can customize the keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Bonus tip: Custom shortcut keys with AnyViewer

If you're looking for an alternative to Mouse without Borders, it is highly recommended to use AnyViewer. AnyViewer is a versatile and powerful remote access and control software that not only allows you to seamlessly manage multiple computers but also offers a range of additional features that enhance its usability.

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Compare AnyViewer with Mouse without Borders

AnyViewer and Mouse without Borders serve similar purposes but are fundamentally different in their capabilities and features.

Mouse without Borders:

  • Developed by Microsoft, it is a tool designed primarily for seamlessly moving your mouse and sharing your keyboard across multiple computers on the same network.
  • It allows you to drag and drop files between connected machines and copy/paste text across them.
  • It is straightforward, free, and ideal for users who want a simple way to control multiple PCs with one set of peripherals.


  • A comprehensive remote access and control software that allows you to connect to and manage computers from anywhere in the world.
  • It supports file transfer, unattended remote access, and screen sharing, and is available on various platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • AnyViewer offers advanced features like privacy mode, unlimited remote sessions, and group management functionalities, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.
  • It includes robust security measures and is ideal for users who need more flexibility and advanced remote access capabilities.

In summary, while both tools allow you to control multiple computers, AnyViewer offers a broader range of features and greater flexibility, making it a more powerful solution compared to Mouse without Borders.

Customized keyboard shortcuts of AnyViewer

One standout feature of AnyVieweris its customized keyboard shortcuts. This functionality allows you to set up personalized shortcuts to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. With customized keyboard shortcuts, you can perform frequent tasks quickly and easily, reducing the need to navigate through multiple menus and options.

Shortcut Key Settings

Whether you need to minimize windows, switch tabs, or enter full-screen mode, AnyViewer's customized keyboard shortcuts can be tailored to suit your specific needs, making your remote work experience more productive and intuitive.

How to control the remote mouse and keyboard with AnyViewer

Follow these steps to remotely control another computer using AnyViewer:

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Step 1. Install AnyViewer on both the local and remote machines. Sign up for an AnyViewer account and log in on both devices.

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Step 2. On the local machine, select the remote machine and click "One-click control" to enable unattended remote access.


Step 3. You can now control the mouse and keyboard of the remote machine.

The bottom line

In conclusion, Mouse without Borders is an excellent tool for managing multiple computers with one set of peripherals, offering a range of keyboard shortcuts to enhance efficiency. Setting up Mouse without Borders keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows is straightforward and can significantly streamline your workflow.

For those seeking more advanced features, AnyViewer provides a comprehensive solution with enhanced flexibility and security, making it suitable for both personal and professional use. Whether you choose Mouse without Borders for its simplicity or AnyViewer for its robust capabilities, both tools offer valuable solutions for seamless multi-computer control.