Easily Fixed: Middle Mouse Button Not Working Remote Desktop

This post is primarily about the middle mouse button not working on Remote Desktop. If you're interested in finding effective remedies for this issue, read on for further insights and guidance.


By Ellie / Updated on June 6, 2024

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Middle mouse button doesn't work through Remote Desktop?


The middle mouse button does not register clicks through Remote Desktop Connection. I've verified that everything else appears to work, and middle mouse clicks do operate on local desktops. How can I fix this?”

- Question from Reddit

Middoe Mouse Button

In a typical scenario, the middle mouse button behaves as expected when using Remote Desktop. It can be used to emulate mouse actions on the remote computer, such as clicking, dragging, and scrolling. It can be quite inconvenient if the middle mouse button not working on Remote Desktop.

Tips to fix the middle mouse button not working on Remote Desktop

Here are some actions you can take to address the Remote Desktop middle mouse button issue:

  • Check physical connections: Ensure that your mouse is properly connected to your computer.
  • Restart Remote Desktop Connection: Close and reopen the Remote Desktop client to see if the issue persists.
  • Update mouse drivers: Update your mouse drivers to the latest version compatible with your operating system. You can check it in Device Manager.
  • Check mouse settings: Verify that the middle mouse button is configured correctly in your mouse settings. Specifically, you can enable mouse trails in Windows, and it will then grab your mouse properly and handle the middle mouse button. You can enable it in Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options > Mouse Properties > Pointer Options tab > Display pointer trails.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would typically require the middle mouse button.
  • Utilizing touchpad gestures (for laptops): If you're using a laptop, exploring touchpad gestures as an alternative to mouse input is another way to fix the middle mouse button on Remote Desktop.

Bonus tip: Best Remote Desktop alternative without a mouse issue

It is not just Remote Desktop Connection, users of other remote desktop software like Chrome Remote Desktop and Parsec also encounter the same middle mouse not working issue. The quickest way to fix this issue is to find remote desktop software that doesn’t come with mouse issues.

What is AnyViewer?

AnyViewer is a versatile remote desktop software that facilitates remote access, control, and support for computers and other devices. With AnyViewer, users can remotely operate computers and devices as if they were physically present, utilizing their mouse to navigate, click, drag, and interact with applications and content on remote screens.

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This intuitive mouse control feature makes AnyViewer an indispensable tool for individuals, businesses, and IT professionals seeking efficient and effective remote collaboration, support, and troubleshooting solutions.

Mouse functionalities of AnyViewer

To enhance your experience with remote mouse control, AnyViewer offers comprehensive mouse control functionality, making it an excellent alternative to Remote Desktop for users who require remote access to computers for various tasks.

  • Full mouse control: AnyViewer allows users to remotely control the mouse cursor on the remote computer, enabling them to perform tasks as if they were physically present at the machine.
  • Lock mouse: AnyViewer allows users to lock the mouse within the remote desktop window. This allows you to concentrate fully on performing remote control operations without any distractions.
  • File dragging: Users can drag objects, for example, files and programs, on the remote computer's screen using the mouse cursor controlled through AnyViewer.
  • Clipboard sharing: AnyViewer facilitates clipboard sharing between the local and remote computers, allowing users to copy and paste text, images, and files between the two systems using mouse controls.
  • Virtual mouse for mobile device: When connecting to the remote device using a mobile device, AnyViewer allows you to use a virtual mouse. It supports single-clicking the middle mouse button, as well as keeping the middle mouse button pressed for dragging, you’ll be like just using the physical mouse.
  • Disable remote mouse: Assessing in privacy mode allows users to blacken the remote screen and disable the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer while in a remote session to protect privacy.

How to control the mouse remotely with AnyViewer

Follow the provided steps below to control the mouse remotely with AnyViewer:

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Step 1. Install AnyViewer on both the local and the remote machines. Sign up for an AnyViewer account and log in to the account on both devices.

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Step 2. On the local machine, choose the remote machine and click “One-click control” to achieve unattended remote access.


Step 3. Now you can control the mouse and keyboard of the remote machine. If you want to lock the mouse in the remote session windows to focus on your remote work, go to the toolbar > Operation > Lock mouse in the window.


Upgrading to AnyViewer Enterprise Edition is recommended for enhanced management capabilities, such as controlling multiple computers' mice, mass deployment (MSI), creating computer groups, setting role permissions, unlimited remote sessions, and more.

The bottom line

In conclusion, addressing the middle mouse button not working on Remote Desktop requires careful troubleshooting. This article provides practical solutions to resolve the issue, including checking physical connections, restarting the Remote Desktop Connection, and updating mouse drivers.

Additionally, exploring alternatives like AnyViewer can offer seamless remote mouse control without encountering such problems. AnyViewer's comprehensive features, such as full mouse control, file dragging, and clipboard sharing, make it a valuable tool for efficient remote collaboration and support. By following the steps outlined, users can regain full control of their mouse functionality in Remote Desktop sessions.