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How do I transfer files from laptop to laptop using WinSCP?


Hi. I’m new to WinSCP! Now I want to transfer files between computers to handle some work tasks, so I like to know how do I transfer files from laptop to laptop using WinSCP. Can anybody help me?”

- Question from WinSCP Forum


How to use WinSCP to transfer files between computers

WinSCP is a utility application for Windows which helps you to connect to a remote computer to transfer files from PC to PC. Here in this part, we provide you with detailed steps on how to use WinSCP to transfer files.

Part 1. Preparation work: install WinSCP on both computers

How to use WinSCP to transfer files between computers? Firstly you need to install WinSCP on both computers.

Step 1. Download WinSCP.

download winscp

Note: If you use Microsoft Edge, you might (depending on the reputation of our website) need to jump through a few Microsoft SmartScreen hoops before you can download a functional version of the installer.

Step 2. Double-click WinSCP.exe to install it.


Part 2. Transfer files via WinSCP between computers

How does WinSCP transfer files? After installation, follow the next steps to transfer files from one computer to another remotely. Before operations, make sure your remote PC has already installed SSH Server.

Step 1. To connect to another PC, open WinSCP, and type in the information in the Login interface. And then click Login.

  • Host name: The IP address of the remote PC to be connected.
  • Port number: The default value is 22.
  • User name: Your username, for example, admin.
  • Password: Your password.

winscp login window

When you first attempt to connect to another computer, you may receive a warning notice. Select Yes to proceed.

winscp warning message

Step 2. The WinSCP file transfer window is displayed after connection. On the left presents the local computer while on the right presents the files of the remote computer. Drag the target file you want to transfer and drop it to another side.

winscp file transfer window

  • An Error pop-up window will appear if you don’t have permission to write to the file system.
  • The lock on the lower right corner of the interface means that your connection is secure.

Step 3. Choose the file location in the pop-up window, and then click OK to achieve the file transfer.

winscp upload file

WinSCP alternative: Easier way to transfer files using AnyViewer

Now you may grasp how to use WinSCP to transfer files between computers. It could be difficult for you to use WinSCP to transfer files if you don't already have an SSH server set up. Therefore, we advise choosing a less complicated file-sharing technique. Use AnyViewer, third-party software to transfer files efficiently, that offers the following advantages over WinSCP:

Easy-to-use. AnyViewer has easy operations while WinSCP has complicated settings to connect with other computers.
Fast. Transfer speed for AnyViewer is 500 KB/s while WinSCP oscillates between 10 KB/s and 280 KB/s.
Multi-function. In addition to file transfer, you can also use AnyViewer to share screen, manage your computer remotely, etc., while WinSCP only supports file transfer.
Multi-session. AnyViewer allows multiple connections while WinSCP limits the number of parallel sessions.
Safe. When using AnyViewer, your data will be secured by ECC encryption for the whole time, while the data won’t be protected if you use WinSCP to connect to an FTP server.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Download and install AnyViewer on all your devices, then follow the next steps to transfer files.

Step 1. On the client computer, go to Log in and then click Sign up (log in directly if you have already signed up).

log in anyviewer

Tips: AnyViewer is also available on iOS devices. You can remotely access Windows PCs from iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Fill in the sign-up information.

sign up for anyviewer

Step 3. Log in to the same account on other PCs. Then you can see the assigned devices.

free editions

Step 4. Go to the Device to select the target computer you want to transfer files to, and then click File Transfer.

file transfer anyviewer

Step 5. A File Transfer dialog box for transferring files between the PCs is now available. The right of the box presents the client PC, and the host PC is on the left. Select the files and click the right arrow to transfer them to the client PC. Select the files and then click the left arrow to transfer them to the host PC.

choose files

You can see the transfer status at the bottom of the box. Right-click to pause or remove the tasks.

transfer status

A single file smaller than 100 MB can be transferred using AnyViewer's free account, and you are only permitted to transfer up to 100 files at once. To transfer larger files, upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan. The following rights will thereafter be yours:
Transfer more files all at once.
Speedier file transfer. Transfer speed for a free account is 500 KB/s, but it can reach 10 MB/s for a paid account.
Assign more devices to the same account to achieve direct file transfer.
Connect to the host computer in privacy mode so that you can block the remote PC's keyboard and mouse and black its screen.


After reading this post, you may grasp how to use WinSCP to transfer files between computers. But notice that it will fail if you don’t install the SSH server or you don’t have the permission of the file system. As a result, you can choose AnyViewer to transfer your files quickly without restrictions.