2024 Answered: Can TeamViewer Wake a Sleeping Computer?

Looking for answers to Can Teamviewer wake a sleeping computer question? You'll stop looking because this article brings you the answers along with the steps. Please read on.


By Carolyn / Updated on January 29, 2024

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Can TeamViewer wake a sleeping computer?


If you're aware that the remote computer is connected to a network and powered on, yet you're unable to access it, it's possible that it's in either sleep or hibernate mode. Is there a method available to remotely wake it up so that access can be restored?

- Question from TeamViewer Community


The answer to the problem can TeamViewerwake a sleeping computer is Yes. You can use TeamViewer to share Android screen or wake up a sleeping computer. TeamViewer has the capability to wake a sleeping computer using a feature known as Wake-on-LAN (WoL). Wake-on-LAN is a technology that allows a powered-down or sleeping computer to be remotely awakened by sending a special "magic packet" over the network. In this article, we will provide detailed steps to help you solve the problem of whether can TeamViewer wake a computer from sleep. Please read on.

How to use TeamViewer wake up a sleeping computer

Can TeamViewer wake up a sleeping computer? Of course, but before completing this task, you need to perform a series of operations. Below, we will bring you a step-by-step tutorial to help you solve this problem, but the new interface of TeamViewer is more difficult for users to operate, so before this, you can turn off the TeamViewer’s new interface, and then please continue reading.

Step 1. Launch TeamViewer on your computer.


Step 2. Locate the "Settings" icon in the left panel and click on it.


Step 3. Find "Account Assignment" under the "General" option and click "Assign to account".


Step 4. Then enter your TeamViewer account credentials and click "Assign".


Step 5. Next, click “Configure” next to Wake-on-LAN.


Step 6. Add the TeamViewer ID of a computer that is on the same local network and is always running. After entering the ID, click "Add" and select "OK".


Step 7. Next, you need to enable Wake on LAN in your computer's BIOS. When the computer starts, press any key you are prompted to enter BIOS setup. Open the Power tab, enable the Wake on LAN option, then save and exit the BIOS settings.


Step 8. You can now wake a device from sleep mode from your device list. Just select the device and click "Wake".

AnyViewer: Best TeamViewer alternative to wake up a sleeping computer

In different devices, the BIOS opening method is always different, so you need to find the opening method yourself. This is always complicated and difficult for users, so we recommend you to choose a TeamViewer alternative to solve this problem better.

AnyViewer will be your best choice. AnyViewer is a secure, user-friendly and free remote desktop software. Unlike TeamViewer, AnyViewer offers free plans for both personal and commercial use and has enough features and permissions to meet user needs, while TeamViewer is only free for private use.

Apart from this, AnyViewer provides users with a clean and intuitive interface. Users can easily master and use AnyViewer without any complicated settings and operations. It is easier to use AnyViewer to wake up a dormant computer. It only takes a few simple steps. Let us take a look at how to use AnyViewer to wake up a dormant computer.

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Step 1. To kick off the process, download and open AnyViewer on both of your devices. To create a new account, select "Log in" and then "Sign up". Ensure consistent login using the same account on both devices.


Step 2. After successfully logging in to AnyViewer, you'll observe the completion of your login, with your device automatically linked to the logged-in account.


Step 3. Now, navigate to the Devices section and select the target device you want to wake up to, we can see that the device is sleeping. Then select "One-click control" to quickly wake up the sleeping device.


Step 4. Now that you have one-click control to wake up your hibernating device, you only need to enter your computer password to enable unattended remote access.


★Tips: Enhance your AnyViewer experience by choosing a Professional or Enterprise plan, unlocking a host of benefits:
Seamlessly connect to more devices with the ease of one-click control.
Boost security with access in Privacy Mode.
Eliminate restrictions on the number of devices simultaneously controlled by one computer.
Experience faster file transferspeeds for efficient data exchange.
Streamline the management of extensive device portfolios by creating groups tailored for corporations.
Enjoy enhanced image quality.



Can TeamViewer wake a sleeping computer? After reading this article, you have already found the answer. However we have to admit that TeamViewer settings and operations are somewhat complicated and not user-friendly, so it is difficult for users to complete the settings themselves. In order to make your use more convenient, we recommend that you choose AnyViewer, which is not only free to use but also very user-friendly and can be easily mastered without complicated operations and settings.