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Can 2 multiple users remote desktop at the same time Windows 10 Pro?


To connect with my coworkers and work together on projects, I frequently utilize Remote Desktop on my Windows 10 Pro, but I soon discovered that only one user could be accessed at once. So I wonder can multiple users Remote Desktop at the same time?”

- Question from Quora

multiple rdp on windows

We are sorry to inform you that Windows 10 Pro does not support simultaneous remote desktop connections from numerous users. Under normal circumstances, Windows Pro or Enterprise only permits one connection per PC. Only Windows Server OS supports multiple RDP connections up to 2 sessions per license for free.

How to enable Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop multiple users [2 ways]

Any possibility for Remote Desktop connection multiple users at the same time on Windows 10/11? In all actuality, the only limitations surrounding remote desktop multiple users capabilities, in theory, are based entirely on computer resources. Therefore, there are still two feasible ways to achieve Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop multiple users when RDP is enabled.

Attention: The methods we have mentioned are solely for educational purposes only. You are advised to use these methods in a test environment. Perform at your own risk, and we don’t take any responsibility for any consequences.

Way 1. Allow Remote Desktop multiple users on Windows 10,11 Pro using RDP Wrapper

Users can create several concurrent RDP sessions on Windows 10/11 by using RDP Wrapper Library, an open source project on GitHub that sits between Service Control Manager (SCM) and Remote Desktop Services. It will continue to function even if Windows updates the termsrv.dll file or installs monthly updates.

Note: Make sure you are using the original, unpatched version of the termsrv.dll file before installing RDP Wrapper Library.

Step 1. Download the latest available version of the RDP Wrapper Library from GitHub.

rdp wrapper library

Step 2. Extract the archive and then you can find the following files:

  • RDPWinst.exe(RDP Wrapper Library installation/uninstallation program).
  • RDPConf.exe(RDP Wrapper configuration utility).
  • RDPCheck.exe(Local RDP Checker and RDP check utility).
  • install.bat, uninstall.bat, update.bat(batch files for install, uninstall, and updates for RDP Wrapper).

rdp wrapper archive

Step 3. Find and right-click the install bat, and select Run as administrator to install RDPWrap.

run as administrator

Step 4. The program will be installed to the C:\Program Files\RDP Wrapper directly, once the installation is complete, you can see the successfully installed information as below.

rdp wrapper directory

Step 5. Open the RDPConfig.exe to check whether the RDP Wrapper is running, and make sure all elements are green in the Diagnostics section.

rdp wrapper configuration

Note: Most likely, immediately after installation, the tool will show that the RDP wrapper is running (Installed, Running, Listening), but not working, which is reported by the red warning [not supported].

not supported wrapper

Step 6. Copy and paste the contents of the following page to the C:\Program Files\RDP Wrapper\rdpwrap.ini file.


download rdp wrap

Step 7. Restart your computer. Run the RDPConfig.exe tool to check all the items are green in the Diagnostics section and the caption [fully supported] appears.

rdp wrapper configuration fully supported

Step 8. Run the RDPCheck.exe and try to establish multiple RDP sessions on your computer. Now you are able to perform Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop multiple users.

multiple remote connections wrapper

Way 2. Modify termsrv.dll file to enable RDP multiple users on Windows 10,11 Pro

How to enable multiple RDP sessions in Windows 10 Pro? The limitation on the number of concurrent RDP user connections can be removed by replacing the original termsrv.dll file.

Step 1. To launch the Services management interface, press Win + R and enter “services.msc”. Find and right-click Remote Desktop Services in the context menu and then click Stop.

stop remote desktop services

Step 2. We recommend you to open Command Prompt as administrator and enter the following command to back up the original termsrv.dll file.

copy c:\Windows\System32\termsrv.dll termsrv.dll_old

backup original termsrv_dll

Step 3. Change the values of the following keys in HKLM> System> CurrentControlSet> Control> Terminal Server:

  • fDenyTSConnections (DWORD) — 0
  • fSingleSessionPerUser (DWORD) — 0

multiple users registry

You can also do it quickly by entering the following two command lines in the Command Prompt:

  • REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server” /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
  • REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server” /v fSingleSessionPerUser /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Step 4. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 to find and right-click the termsrv.dll file, and then select Properties.

termsrv_dll properties

Step 5. Click Change to change the file owner from “TrustedInstaller” to a local administrators group.

give full control to administrator

Step 6. Click Edit on the Security tab. Select the local administrators group and give it Full control over this file and then click OK.

full access termsrv_dll

Step 7. Copy the termsrv.dll file from the archive downloaded before operations and replace it with the original one in %SystemRoot%\System32\.

termsrc_dll patched

Step 8. Open the Services management console again to start the Remote Desktop Services. And now you can establish two multiple RDP sessions.

win8 multiple rdp sessions

Notes: Anti-viruses do not respond to the method of replacing the termsrv.dll file, while RDP Wrapper is detected by many anti-viruses as a Malware, HackTool, or Trojan. But you have to manually edit the termsrv.dll file each time you upgrade your Windows build.

RDP alternative: Easier way to achieve remote desktop multiple sessions

While the methods above are not safe enough for personal use, here we recommend you use a free remote desktop tool AnyViewer. As a professional remote access software, AnyViewer offers you a safe and easy way to have multiple remote sessions simultaneously. Download it and you can enjoy the following benefits.

Easy-to-use. It has easy operations to set up and establish remote connections.
Secure. It is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, preventing your data loss during the whole remote session.
Compatible. It supports multiple Windows systems, including Windows OS and Windows Server OS, while RDP is not available on Windows Home editions.
Stable. It ensures you a stable connection supported by a strong technical team.
Multi-function. In addition to multiple connections, AnyViewer also allows you to transfer files from PC to PC directly, share screen, communicate via the chat box in a remote session, etc.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Install AnyViewer on all your devices and let’s get started.

Step 1. On the host PC, go to Log in and click Sign up to create a new AnyViewer account (log in directly if you have already signed up.)

log in anyviewer

Tips: AnyViewer also supports iOS/Android devices. You can remotely access Windows PC from iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Step 2. Fill in the sign up information.

sign up for anyviewer

Step 3. When you successfully logged in to AnyViewer, you can the devices are automatically assigned to the account you’ve logged in to.

free editions

Step 4. On thie client PC, log in to the same account. Go to Device on the left pane, then you can simultaneously gain unattended remote access to the devices by selecting the one you want to connect to and clicking One-click control.

connect to my devices

Step 5.  Select the other device you want to control and click  One-click control again. When controlling multiple devices, you can click the tab to switch remote sessions from one to another.

Remotely Access Multiple Computers

You can also upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan then the following rights will thereafter be yours:
Assign more devices. A free account has 3 assigned devices, while Pro/Enterprise supports 10/100 assigned devices.
More connection channels. The Enterprise version allows 10 channels.
More simultaneous sessions. An professional or Enterprise plan can enjoy 5/10 simultaneous sessions.
Connect in privacy modeIt will better protect your privacy by blacking the remote PC and disabling the remote keyboard & mouse.
High-speed file transfer. Transfer unlimited files at once at a higher speed of up to 10 MB/s.

Closing words

In this post, we provide you with 2 different methods to perform Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop multiple users. Both the methods are not suggested for personal use cause they are not safe enough for your Windows system. Therefore, if you want to achieve remote sessions simultaneously without any damage to your Windows security, AnyViewer is the best choice for you.