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Which remote access solution is built into macOS?

Does macOS have remote desktop? Yes! Which remote access solution is built into macOS? The remote access solution built into macOS is called “Apple Remote Desktop”. It is a powerful tool developed by Apple Inc. that allows users to remotely manage and control Mac computers within a network. It provides administrators with the ability to perform various tasks such as software deployment, remote assistance, system monitoring, and maintenance.

Apple Remote Desktop Logo

What are the key features of Apple Remote Desktop?

Apple Remote Desktop is a valuable tool for IT administrators and support teams managing Mac computers in enterprise environments, educational institutions, or any organization with a large Mac infrastructure. Here are some of the key features of Apple Remote Desktop:

  • Remote management: Users can remotely access and control Mac computers within their network from a centralized location. This allows for troubleshooting, software installation, and configuration without needing physical access to the machines.
  • Software distribution: Administrators can deploy software packages to multiple Mac computers simultaneously. This simplifies the process of installing or updating software across a large number of machines.
  • Remote assistance: Apple Remote Desktop enables administrators to provide real-time assistance to users by remotely viewing their desktops and interacting with their systems. This feature is particularly useful for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues efficiently.
  • System monitoring: The software provides comprehensive monitoring tools to track system performance, software usage, and hardware inventory across the network. This helps administrators identify potential issues and optimize system resources.
  • Automation: Apple Remote Desktop offers automation capabilities through scripting, allowing administrators to automate repetitive tasks and workflows. This increases efficiency and reduces manual intervention.
  • Security: The software includes security features such as encryption, authentication, and access controls to ensure secure remote management and protect sensitive data.

How to use Apple Remote Desktop

How can I remotely access my Mac from another Mac via Apple Remote Desktop? Here is the stepwise tutorial on how to use this tool. The steps are divided into two parts.

Part 1. Set up access permissions on the remote Mac

On the Mac computers you want to control remotely, you’ll need to do some preparation work.

Step 1. Navigate to "System Preferences" and select "Sharing."


Step 2. Check the box next to "Remote Login" and choose "Allow access for: All users."

Remote Login

Step 3. Next, check the box next to "Remote Management" and configure the settings according to your preferences, including user access permissions.

Remote Management

Step 4. Once configured, close the window to save your changes.

Part 2. Remote desktop from the administratorMac

After configuring the appropriate access permissions, you can now remotely access the remote Mac from the administrator Mac.

Step 1. Open the Apple Remote Desktop application on your administrator Mac.

Step 2. Click on "Scanner."

Step 3. Choose "Local Network."

Step 4. Select the computer(s) you wish to add.

Step 5. Drag the selected computers to "All Computers" or a specific group on the sidebar.

Step 6. Enter the standard username and password, then click "Add."

Apple Remote Desktop

Step 7. Once the remote computers are added, select the one you want to control from the list and click the "Control" button.

Step 8. After establishing a connection, you will gain remote control of the selected Mac computer.

The bottom line

Which remote access solution is built into macOS? In conclusion, the built-in remote access solution for macOS is Apple Remote Desktop, a robust tool facilitating seamless management and control of Mac computers within a network. By following simple steps to set up access permissions and initiate remote desktop sessions, users can efficiently manage Mac systems from anywhere.

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