How to Fix: Remote Desktop Freezing issue

In this post, we mainly illustrate 3 fixes for Microsoft Remote Desktop freezing and demonstrate the possible reasons. If you are in trouble, read this post to get rid of it.


By Ellie / Updated on March 16, 2023

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Urgently! Remote Desktop intermittently freezes


Hello, friends. Help me! I used Windows 10 PC on my home to remotely access at work PC for a long time. However, recently I found the Remote Desktop freezing from time to time after the update. There’s no RDP error appearing on my PC, and the issue remains still even though I shut down and reboot the PC again and again. What can I do now? Any suggestions will be appreciated.”

- Question from Reddit

Enter IP of the Host Computer

How do I stop Remote Desktop from freezing?

It is said that the issue is because the RDP protocol has lost some of its resilience to packets getting lost or out of order. Moreover, this may be triggered by the bug in Windows 10 that is unable to switch between TCP and UDP protocol seamlessly.

Therefore, what we should do is prevent UDP and switch to TCP. Here in this part, we'll introduce 3 ways of turning off UDP for fixing Microsoft Remote Desktop freezing on Windows 10 and 11, such as running CMD, using Registry Editor, and Group Policy.

Solution 1. Unfreeze RDP by running CMD

Step 1. Search “cmd” in the search box and then right-click the option and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Run As Administrator

Step 2. Type the following command line:

reg add "HKLM\software\policies\microsoft\windows nt\Terminal Services\Client" /v fClientDisableUDP /d 1 /t REG_DWORD

Add Reg in CMD

Step 3. Reboot the PC and check whether RDP freezes still.

Solution 2. Unfreeze RDP by using Registry Editor

Step 1. Press Win + R and then type “regedit”, and then click on “OK”.

Run Box Regedit

Step 2. Navigation:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client

Step 3. Right-click on the right pane, and then select New, and then choose “DWORD(32-bit) value."

Terminal Server Client

Step 4. Copy “fClientDisableUDP” and then name the new DWORD Value. Set the value data to 1, and choose “Decimal”.

New DWORD Value

Step 5. Reboot the PC and check whether the RDP connection becomes smooth.

Solution 3. Unfreeze RDP by using Group Policy Editor

Step 1. Press Win + R and then enter “gpedit.msc”.

Run Box Gpedit

Step 2. Navigation:

Computer Configuration > Administrative templates > Windows components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection client

Step 3. Scroll down and find “Turn Off UDP On Client”.

Turn Off UDP on the Client

Step 4. Double click on “Turn off UDP on Client” and then tick “Enabled”.

Enable Turn Off UDP

To avoid trouble and get better feelings on remote access -- AnyViewer

Is your Microsoft Remote Desktop freezing still? If it has been resolved, it's my pleasure to help you. However, if Remote Desktop is still freezing, we recommend you to use a professional and easy-operated remote access software-- AnyViewer.

AnyViewer can give you the opportunity to avoid many of the problems associated with Remote Desktop and have a better remote session experience. With AnyViewer, you can get remote access with one click if you log into the same AnyViewer account on 2 devices, which is fairly easy. Unlike RDP, AnyViewer won't be limited to the same LAN, indicating that you can get remote control anywhere and anytime. More importantly,  to control PC from iPhone, you can also use the AnyViewer iOS version, which is available in App Store. 

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 Method 1. Realize remote access with one-click

Step 1. Sign up for an AnyViewer account and then sign in to this account on the two computers. Once logged in, the PC will be assigned to the account automatically. 

Log in AnyViewer

Step 2.   On the client computer,  go to "Device", click the PC that you need to control, and click "One-click control" to achieve a remote connection with one click


Step 3. Now the remote control is successfully established, you won’t meet with the freezing issue.​

You can upgrade your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan. Then you'll have the following rights:
Assign more devices to achieve unattended remote access to more devices.
Connect to another computer in privacy mode, which means you can black the screen and block the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer.
Transfer files at a faster speed. Transfer speed for a free account is 500 KB/s, and for a paid account is up to 10 MB/s.


Method 2. Give support with AnyViewer

If you need to give assistance to your friends or family members and there is someone in front of the host PC, you can try to send a control request to achieve the goal. Here are the concrete steps.

Step 1. On the local PC, enter the device ID of the remote PC, and then click on “Connect”.


Step 2. Choose the first option "Send a control request to your partner".

Send a Control Request to Your PC

Step 3. On the remote PC, a request window will pop up. Tick "Allow". Now the connection is successful.

Request to Control Your Device


Here in this post, we show the ways how to fix Windows 10, 11... Remote Desktop freezing problem. As the solutions mentioned, we can fix the issue by running CMD, using Registry Editor or Group Policy. If the results are not expected or you don’t want to take too much time to fix them, trying AnyViewer can be the best solution for you.