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Unable to Install Rd Connection Broker role service on server 2016


I’ve been attempting to deploy Remote Desktop Services to my newly constructed 2016 Server for the past few days. When attempting to deploy the RD Connection Broker role service, it fails repeatedly. The error message says ‘Failed: Unable to install RD Connection Broker role service on server’. Is there any way to solve this?”

- Question from Reddit

Install RD Connection Broker Role Service

Why RD Connection Broker role service fails to install on server 2016?

The RD Connection Broker service requires a SQL database to store its data. By default, it uses the WID (Windows Internal Database). If there’s something wrong with WID, for example, the WID cannot start, the Connection Broker role service installation will fail or the installation has to be rolled back.

How to fix RD Connection Broker role service fails to install on server 2016?

As the cause of install failure of RD Connection Broker role service on server 2016 has been clarified, here in this part, we sort out two tested ways to help you solve the problem.

Solution 1. Change the WID setting

Step 1. Right-click on the Start menu and then choose Windows Powershell (Admin).


Step 2. Type in “get-windowsfeature”. Check the result and confirm if Windows Internal Database has been installed.

Get Windows Feature

Step 3. If Windows Internal Database has been installed, press WIN + R and then type in “services.msc”. 

Service Server 2016

Step 4. Find service Windows Internal Database, right-click it, and then choose Properties.

Windows Internal Database

Step 5. Then switch to the Log On tab, and make sure it has been configured with “Local system account”. please remember to tick Allow service to interact with desktop as well.

Local System Account

Step 6. Save the change and re-start the service, try to install RD Connection Broker role service again.

Step 7. If the problem persists, uninstall the Windows Internal Database. Rename the old WID (C:\Windows\WID) to WID_old. Then try to install RD Connection Broker again to check the result.

Solution 2. Create a new Group Policy Object

Step 1. On a domain controller, press WIN + R and then type in “gpmc.msc” to launch the Group Policy Management.


Step 2. Navigate here: Forest > Domains > Domain Controllers.

Domain Controller

Step 3. Right-click on the Domain Controllers container and choose Create a GPO in this domain. Give the GPO a descriptive name like “My new GPO” and click OK.

My New GPO

Step 4. Right-click the new GPO and choose Edit to open the Group Policy Management Editor.

Edit New GPO

Step 5. Then navigate to the following location: Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment. Find and then right-click on Log on as a service and choose Properties.

Group Policy Management Editor

Step 6. Click on Add User or Group and add the following user: NT SERVICE\ALL SERVICES. Click OK and close the Group Policy Management Editor window.


Step 7. To make the setting take effect immediately, run “gpupdate /force” at Windows PowerShell to force the Group Policy update.

gpupdate force


How to fix RD Connection Broker role service fails to install on Server 2016? Here in this post, we sort out two solutions. On one hand, you can change the Windows Internal Database service to log on as Local System account. On the other hand, you can create a new GPO and make sure its log on as service right is set for NT Service\All services.

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