Fixed: No True Colors on Remote Desktop Display

Experiencing color display issues in Remote Desktop sessions can be frustrating, but it can be easily resolved. This post introduces two solutions to fix it. Keep reading to learn more.


By Ellie / Updated on July 5, 2024

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Problem: No true colors on Remote Desktop display

When connecting to a remote desktop through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), users may occasionally experience issues where the display does not show true colors. This can manifest as washed-out colors, incorrect color gradients, or a generally poor color representation. These issues are particularly problematic for tasks that require accurate color representation, such as graphic design, creative media editing, video production, digital painting, and any other visually intensive work where precise color accuracy is crucial.

How to fix the Remote Desktop display isn't showing true colors [2 ways]

To fix the issue where there are no true colors on Remote Desktop display on Windows 10 and 11, you can try the following two methods.

Solution 1. Change the client to use 24 bit colors

The default settings in Remote Desktop Protocol might not be optimized for high-quality color display. Users might need to manually adjust these settings to achieve better color accuracy. When connecting through RDP, you can try changing the client to use 24-bit colors.

Step 1. Type "mstsc" in the Run dialog (Win + R) and press Enter.


Step 2. Expand the Show Options to access more settings.


Step 3. Navigate to the Display tab where you can adjust the color settings.

Step 4. In the Color section, select True Color (24-bit) from the dropdown menu.

True Color

Step 5. Proceed to connect to your remote desktop with the new color settings.

Solution 2. Resort to an alternative for true color

Some remote desktop applications are better at handling color quality than Remote Desktop. Consider using high-quality remote desktop software like AnyViewer, which supports advanced features and provides better display quality. It is a premier remote desktop solution to show true color for creative professionals, offering a suite of features tailored to their needs.

  • Up to 60FPS: AnyViewer is optimized for minimal latency, ensuring that even performance-intensive software runs smoothly and without interruption.
  • Ultra HD mode: Proprietary low-latency, high frame rate Ultra HD interactive desktop streaming created specifically for creative professionals.
  • High audio bitrates: Ensures uncompromised audio quality essential for creative tasks involving sound.
  • 4:4:4 True Color support: Delivers precise color accuracy for intricate creative work.
  • Multi-monitor support: Allows remote connection to multi-monitor setups, providing the extensive screen space crucial for creative professionals.

How to configure AnyViewer to show true color during a remote session:

Step 1. Download and install AnyViewer on both your local computer and the remote computer intended for post-production. Create an AnyViewer account and log in on both machines.

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Step 2. On your local device, select the remote machine you want to access. Enable unattended remote access by clicking on "One-click control".


Step 3. After completing the setup, you will have control over the mouse and keyboard functions of the remote device.

Step 4. During a remote session, locate the toolbar positioned at the top center of the window. Select Image > Color mode > True color to utilize 4:4:4 chroma sampling, ensuring accurate color display without any loss.

True Color

The bottom line

To resolve the issue of no true colors on Remote Desktop display, this post offers two effective solutions. First, changing the client to use 24-bit colors can significantly improve display accuracy. Alternatively, consider using AnyViewer, a high-quality remote desktop software designed for creative professionals. AnyViewer supports Ultra HD mode, 4:4:4 True Color, and minimal latency, ensuring precise color representation and smooth performance. By following the detailed steps provided, you can configure AnyViewer to achieve true color during remote sessions, enhancing your remote desktop experience.