2024 Best Remote Desktop Software to Show True Color

In searching of the best remote desktop software to show true color? This post presents several top options tailored to meet the needs of creative professionals. Read carefully before making your choice.


By Ellie / Updated on June 19, 2024

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Why true color matters in remote desktop & access?

When accessing a computer remotely, the goal is typically to mimic the experience of being physically present at the machine. This involves accurate color reproduction and clear visuals.

For professionals in graphic design, video editing, game development, or any field demanding precise visual comprehension, having accurate colors and sharp images isn't optional; it's essential.

Poor color accuracy or substandard visuals can distort project perception, potentially leading to inferior results.

Key remote desktop features for creative professionals

For creative tasks, not every remote desktop tool is suitable. The distinct requirements of this field necessitate specific features that allow designers to maintain efficiency and productivity, regardless of where they are. Here are the essential features to consider when choosing a remote desktop solution for creative work:

  • High-resolution support

Creative work often involves intricate details and vibrant colors. A remote desktop tool must support high-resolution displays to ensure that designers can see their work with the same clarity and precision as on their native workstations. This encompasses support for high resolutions, enabling a precise representation of design projects down to the pixel level.

  • Color accuracy

Color accuracy is essential in creative work. The remote desktop tool must provide precise color representation, ensuring that what the designer views remotely mirrors the output on their primary workstation. This is critical for tasks such as photo editing, branding, and print design, where color variations can profoundly affect the final product.

  • Multi-monitor support

Many creative workers rely on multi-monitor setups to enhance their workflow, using one screen for toolbars and palettes and another for the design itself. A capable remote desktop tool should support multiple monitors, enabling designers to replicate their expansive workstation setup from anywhere.

Best remote desktop software to show true color [8 options]

After a thorough investigation, here are the eight best remote desktop software to show true color image, that deliver true color, catering specifically to the needs of creative professionals such as graphic designers and photo editors.

Option 1. AnyViewer

AnyViewer is a premier remote desktop solution for creative professionals, offering a suite of features tailored to their needs. With Ultra HD mode, up to 60FPS, and 4:4:4 True Color mode, users can achieve clear and accurate color representation, ensuring that the colors and images on their local devices match precisely with the final outputs. This accuracy is crucial for tasks requiring precision, such as digital illustration and photo editing.

High Image-q Quality

AnyViewer also allows designers to connect to a remote computer with multiple monitors, providing the option to display all monitors or select just one. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who rely on multiple screens for their design work, offering convenience and flexibility similar to a local workstation setup.

Furthermore, the award-winning AnyViewer is optimized for minimal latency, ensuring that even performance-intensive software, like 3D modeling programs and video editing suites, runs smoothly and without interruption. This optimization is essential for maintaining a fluid creative process and ensuring timely project deliveries.

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Option 2. Parsec

Parsec, primarily recognized for its gaming-focused remote desktop capabilities, also offers features suitable for creative work. Its high frame rates and low latency provide a smooth experience for designers working on real-time projects. It is one of the best remote desktop software to show true color for Macs, Windows, and Linuxs.

Parsec Show True Color

However, it's important to note that Parsec's platform may not be completely optimized for creative workflows. The tool lacks specialized features such as color accuracy enhancements and peripheral support, which are critical for professional design tasks. While it facilitates effective collaboration and sharing, creative professionals might find the absence of industry-specific functionalities a limiting factor in their creative process.

Option 3. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro offers a suite of remote desktop features that cater to some needs of creative professionals, such as remote printing and file sharing, facilitating a smoother workflow. The tool offers dependable connectivity and satisfactory image quality, supporting everyday design tasks. However, creative professionals might find its color accuracy and performance lacking compared to specialized solutions.

LogMeIn Pro Show True Color

LogMeIn Pro prioritizes general remote access over meeting the high-fidelity demands of professional creative work. Additionally, its higher price point and the absence of features tailored specifically for creative work, such as advanced peripheral support and color mode customization, can be significant drawbacks for creatives seeking an optimized remote working experience.

Option 4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a well-known remote desktop tool renowned for its versatile connectivity options across different platforms, making it suitable for various applications, including creative work. Its ease of use and robust file transfer capabilities are beneficial for designers needing to collaborate in real time or share large design files.

Screen Resolution

However, when it comes to meeting the nuanced requirements of creative work, such as precise color accuracy and rendering high-resolution images, TeamViewer may not offer the same level of performance as more specialized tools. Additionally, some users might find the costs associated with its commercial licenses prohibitive. Moreover, the software's performance can suffer from lag when handling graphic-intensive tasks, potentially disrupting the smooth flow of creative workflows.

Option 5. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is recognized for its lightweight design and rapid performance, providing a straightforward method to remotely access computers. The software's high-speed connection is advantageous for basic design tasks and swift file transfers.

AnyDesk Show True Color

However, for more demanding creative work requirements such as intricate color work or handling large, complex files, AnyDesk may not suffice. The tool prioritizes speed over visual fidelity, potentially compromising on aspects like color accuracy and image resolution — crucial considerations for professional designers.

Furthermore, while AnyDesk offers ease of use, it lacks specialized features tailored specifically for the creative community. This absence could pose challenges to achieving a seamless creative workflow.

Option 6. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop, integrated within the Windows operating system, provides a straightforward solution for accessing Windows-based work environments from various devices. This is particularly beneficial for creative professionals who rely on Windows software for their projects, ensuring easy access to familiar design applications and files.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Show True Color

However, Microsoft Remote Desktop may not meet the performance demands required for complex creative tasks, such as rendering high-resolution images with precise color representation. Its functionality remains somewhat basic, lacking advanced features like multi-monitor support or specialized peripheral integration, which are crucial for an optimized design workflow.

Additionally, its platform compatibility is limited, primarily catering to Windows users, which may not align with all design environments that require cross-platform capabilities.

Option 7. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC offers a straightforward remote access solution that allows professionals to connect to their work computers from anywhere, granting flexibility to work on design projects beyond the confines of the office. The platform is lauded for its user-friendly interface and dependable connection, which are advantageous for tasks not requiring high graphical fidelity.

GoToMyPC Show True Color

However, GoToMyPC may not fully meet the advanced requirements of creative professionals, especially in areas such as high-resolution image editing and precise color accuracy. The tool primarily emphasizes general remote access and may lack specialized features like comprehensive multi-monitor support or integration with creative peripherals, essential for an immersive and efficient design workflow.

Additionally, its performance with graphics-intensive applications may not be as robust as solutions specifically tailored for design work.

Option 8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop, a free extension by Google, enables creative professionals to remotely access their workstations through the Chrome browser, offering a convenient and easy setup process. Its platform-agnostic nature allows designers to connect from various devices, providing flexibility for those who use different operating systems.

Chrome Remote Desktop Show True Color

However, while Chrome Remote Desktop is suitable for basic access and light tasks, it may not meet the more demanding requirements of professional creative work. Chrome Remote Desktop resolutions and color accuracy might not meet the standards required for intricate design tasks.

Moreover, Chrome Remote Desktop lacks advanced features such as dedicated support for design peripherals and customizable settings tailored for creative applications. This limitation could potentially disrupt a seamless design workflow for professionals needing specialized tools and configurations.

The bottom line

In conclusion, selecting the best remote desktop software to show true color is crucial for creative professionals. Tools like AnyViewer stand out with features such as Ultra HD and 4:4:4 True Color mode, ensuring precise color representation and smooth performance.

For optimal productivity in fields like graphic design and video editing, choosing a solution that supports high-resolution displays, accurate color rendering, and multi-monitor setups is essential. Evaluate these factors carefully to match your specific creative needs and workflow requirements effectively.