How to Work Remotely as a Graphic Designer with AnyViewer

Learn how to work remotely as a graphic designer using AnyViewer, offering high-performance features like accurate color, minimal latency, and multiple display support for a seamless and productive experience.


By Ellie / Updated on July 2, 2024

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Can graphic design be done remotely?

The shift to remote work is bringing new challenges to various workplaces and industries. Some employees need specific equipment, making remote work more difficult than it is for the typical knowledge worker.

Graphic Design

Take graphic designers, for instance; they rely on specialized tools to complete their tasks. Can graphic design be done remotely? Absolutely. Remote access software gives the ability for those looking to understand how to work remotely as a graphic designer. It enables designers to work from anywhere, despite the need for resource-heavy hardware and specialized devices like tablets. These tools make remote work easier. With these tools, graphic designers can maintain high standards of quality and efficiency while working remotely.

The advantages of remote work for graphic designers

Today, more employers and employees are recognizing the advantages of remote work, including graphic designers. Here are some benefits of graphic designers working from home using remote access software:

  • Work on the go: Remote work offers greater schedule flexibility to all office workers, and remote access software extends that same flexibility to graphic designers.
  • Access any device: With remote access software, designers can work from any device—be it a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This ensures that they can get their work done regardless of the device they have at hand.
  • Maintain secure working habits: Remote access software keeps ongoing work on a dedicated device, eliminating the need to transfer files between different devices and enhancing security.

AnyViewer: Best remote desktop software for graphic designer

Among the array of choices, AnyViewer distinguishes itself as the premier remote desktop software for graphic designers. It encompasses all essential features necessary for graphic designers to thrive in remote work. Here are its key features:

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Accurate color responsiveness

For graphic designers, having a display that accurately renders colors is crucial for their work. AnyViewer addresses this need with its 4:4:4 color mode, ensuring precise color rendering that faithfully reflects the final product. This capability is essential to avoid any color discrepancies that could impact the quality of their designs.

Minimal latency for high-performance software

Adobe Photoshop, a standard tool in graphic design, demands high-performance hardware, posing challenges for remote work. AnyViewer overcomes this by enabling graphic designers to utilize less powerful hardware for remote desktop access, maintaining minimal latency and offering high frame rate Ultra HD interactive desktop streaming. This capability ensures that designers achieve the same results remotely as they would with more robust local setups.

Multiple display support

Graphic designers frequently utilize multiple monitors to enhance their workspace and efficiency. AnyViewer supports multiple displays, enabling seamless workflow across different screens. It provides easy toggling between single-screen and multi-screen displays, ensuring designers can maintain productivity without interruption.

Advanced encryption and security

Security is of utmost importance for graphic designers, who deal with sensitive client information and proprietary designs. AnyViewer prioritizes security by employing advanced encryption protocols and multi-layered security measures to safeguard data during remote sessions. Additionally, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized users can access the remote desktop.

Rich additional features

In addition to remote desktop control, AnyViewer offers a range of additional features. It includes robust file transfer capabilities, facilitating easy and secure exchanges of crucial design files between computers. Moreover, AnyViewer allows users to mirror their mobile screens on their computers, streamlining workflows that require both desktop and mobile devices, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Steps: How to work remotely as a graphic designer with AnyViewer

As the leading solution for high-performance remote access in graphic design, AnyViewer offers an intuitive interface and streamlined setup process, reducing the time spent on software configuration. Let’s see how to work from home as a graphic designer with AnyViewer:

  • Set up AnyViewer on both computers

Step 1. Download and install AnyViewer on both your local computer and the remote computer designated for graphic design work. Create an AnyViewer account and log in on both devices.

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Step 2. On your local machine, choose the remote device you wish to connect to. Enable unattended remote access by selecting "One-click control".


Step 3. Once setup is complete, you'll have control over the mouse and keyboard functions of the remote device.

  • Configure AnyViewer for high performance

Once connected successfully, users can optimize AnyViewer for superior performance. Basic features are available with a free AnyViewer account, while premium plans offer access to advanced capabilities.

Step 1. During a remote session, find the toolbar located at the top center of the window.

Step 2. Go to Image > Image quality > Ultra HD mode for ultra-high-definition display clarity.

Ultra HD Mode

Step 3. Navigate to Image > Frame rate > Up to 60FPS to ensure smooth, high-definition visuals.

Up to 60FPS

Step 4. Finally, select Image > Color mode > True color to utilize 4:4:4 chroma sampling, maintaining precise and accurate color representation.

True Color

The bottom line

In conclusion, AnyViewer is an exceptional tool for those looking to understand how to work remotely as a graphic designer without compromising on performance or security. Its accurate color responsiveness, minimal latency, and support for multiple displays ensure a seamless and productive work experience. With advanced encryption and rich additional features like secure file transfer and mobile screen mirroring, AnyViewer offers everything a graphic designer needs for efficient remote work.

Setting up and optimizing AnyViewer is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for graphic designers looking to maintain high standards of creativity and professionalism while working from home.