Best Way to Lock Mouse within Remote Desktop Window

This article explores the best methods to lock mouse within remote desktop window, including the steps to use it. Read this article to discover the best software for solving how to lock mouse within remote desktop window problem.


By Carolyn / Updated on June 6, 2024

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Is there a way to lock your mouse in place?

Ever found yourself struggling to keep your mouse confined to your remote desktop window? Working remotely has become the norm for many of us, bringing with it a unique set of challenges. One such challenge is keeping your mouse cursor locked within the remote desktop window. If you've ever experienced the frustration of your cursor slipping outside the remote window while you're in the middle of an important task, you know exactly what I mean. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you're trying to focus on a specific task.

Luckily, there are solutions! In this guide, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to lock mouse within remote desktop window, making your remote work experience smoother and more efficient.

How to lock mouse within remote desktop window

When you are working remotely, you must want to lock mouse within remote desktop window Windows 10 and 11 to be more focused and efficient in your work. But many remote desktop software don't support this feature, don't worry, we will bring you the best way to lock mouse within remote desktop window.

AnyViewer is a top player in this area, and as an all-in-one remote desktop software, it provides users with comprehensive and convenient features. Locking the mouse inside the remote desktop window is the feature you are looking for. There is no need for any complicated setup and operation, just one click to lock mouse within remote desktop window.

Besides that, AnyViewer also provides you with richer features, such as file transfer, screen sharing, remote sound, text chat, multi-session, multi-monitor support, and so on. Below, is a step-by-step tutorial on using AnyViewer to lock mouse within remote desktop window, please keep reading.

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Step 1. Start by installing and running AnyViewer on both of your devices. Navigate to "Log in" and select "Sign up" to create a new account. Make sure you are logged in with the same account on both devices.

Step 2. After logging in to AnyViewer, your device will automatically be linked to your account.

Step 3. To quickly set up unattended remote access, go to "Device," choose the device you want to connect to, and then click "One-click control".

Step 4. After a successful connection, click on the “Operation” and select “Lock mouse in the window” to successfully lock mouse within remote desktop window.


★Tips: Upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plan for enhanced features:
Gain additional device allocation for unattended access within the same account.
Enjoy a higher number of simultaneous concurrent connections.
Utilize Privacy Mode by blacking out the remote PC screen and disabling its keyboard and mouse inputs.
Experience faster file transfer speeds.
Set up additional screen walls for effective management and monitoring of multiple devices.
Create enterprise device groups for efficient handling of extensive device portfolios.
Define custom roles for sub-accounts and tailor permissions for each role.

The benefits of using AnyViewer to lock mouse within remote desktop window

Why is locking your mouse within the remote desktop window so important? Imagine you’re editing a document or troubleshooting a server, and your cursor keeps drifting to your local desktop. It’s not just annoying—it can seriously disrupt your workflow and decrease productivity. Locking the mouse within the remote desktop window ensures you stay focused and prevents accidental clicks outside your intended workspace. Using AnyViewer to lock the mouse in a remote desktop window has the following benefits:

  • Prevents Disruptions

When working on a remote desktop, the mouse cursor can inadvertently move outside the remote session window, causing unintended interactions with the local machine. This can lead to interruptions, especially during critical tasks such as coding, graphic design, or technical support. Locking the mouse within the remote desktop window ensures a seamless and uninterrupted workflow.

  • Streamlined Workflow

By keeping the mouse confined to the remote session, users can maintain a seamless and uninterrupted workflow. This helps in staying focused on the task at hand, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

  • Intuitive Control

AnyViewer's interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to enable and benefit from the mouse lock feature. This straightforward functionality contributes to a more user-friendly and enjoyable remote desktop experience.

  • Enhances Focus

Maintaining focus is crucial for productivity. By confining the mouse cursor to the remote desktop window, users can concentrate solely on the task at hand without being distracted by accidental cursor movements or clicks outside the session.

  • Improves User Experience

A smooth and immersive remote desktop experience mimics working directly on the remote machine. Locking the mouse within the remote window contributes to this immersive experience, making remote interactions more intuitive and efficient.


In conclusion, getting the ability to lock mouse within remote desktop window is essential for a seamless and efficient remote work experience. Using AnyViewer, you can easily confine the mouse to the remote session with just a click, preventing disruptions and enhancing focus. This intuitive tool not only streamlines workflow but also improves overall user experience by maintaining an uninterrupted and immersive remote desktop environment. Whether you're working on Windows 10 or 11, AnyViewer offers a reliable solution to keep your remote work productive and hassle-free.