Stepwise Tutorial: How to Connect iPad to PC Wirelessly [2 Ways]

This post primarily introduces how to connect iPad to PC wirelessly. The stepwise tutorial for two ways are included. Whether you want to transfer files between iPad and PC or control iPad from PC, you’ll find the way here.


By Ellie / Updated on December 18, 2023

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Can I connect my iPad to my Windows laptop wirelessly?

YES, you can connect your iPad to a Windows laptop wirelessly. In an era dominated by wireless technology, the ability to seamlessly connect your iPad to a PC without the hassle of cables has become a convenience many users desire. Whether you want to transfer files, mirror your iPad's screen, or simply enjoy the freedom of a wireless connection, this guide will walk you through the steps to establish a wireless link between your iPad and PC.

PC to iPad Mirror

How to connect iPad to PC wirelessly [2 ways]

Explore the dual methods outlined here to discover how to connect iPad to PC wirelessly. Peruse further to pinpoint and opt for the alternative that aligns most effectively with your specific requirements.

Way 1. Mirror iPad screen to PC wirelessly via AnyViewer

If you want to mirror iPad screen to PC wirelessly for presentations, gaming, or simply enjoying your iPad content on a larger screen, AnyViewer is your best choice.

It is the free all-in-one screen mirroring & remote desktop tool. You can mirror iPad screen to PC or even control PC from iPad without distance restriction, making it the best tool for remote studying, remote working, and remote supporting. Let’s see how to connect iPad and PC wirelessly via AnyViewer.

On your PC:

Step 1. Begin by downloading and installing the Windows iteration of AnyViewer onto your computer.

Secure and quick app to mirror and access PC

End-to-end ECC encryption; easy and quick to download and install; ultra-simple setup; flexible connection ways. 

Download Freeware Win PCs & Servers

Step 2. Establish a dedicated AnyViewer account on your PC.

Log in AnyViewer

On your iPad:

Acquire the AnyViewer application, install it, and seamlessly log in, utilizing identical account credentials.

Log in to AnyViewer iPad

Mirror iPad screen on PC:

Step 1. Identify your iPad on your PC and click "View screen."

View iPad Screen

Step 2. Allow screen access on your iPad.

Request to View Screen iPad

Step 3. Once everything is set, click "Start Broadcast."

Start Broadcast iPad

Step 4. You can now effortlessly mirror your iPad screen to your PC for added convenience.

Display iPad Screen

Control PC from iPad:

Step 1. On your iPad, choose the device that you want to control from the list.

My Device iPad

Step 2. Click One-click control to achieve unattended remote access to the specific PC.

Remote Control iPad

Step 3. Then you'll be successfully connecting your iPad to a Windows computer.

Remote Desktop iPad

For a broader capability to remotely mirror or control screens, it is recommended to upgrade your account to either the Professional or Enterprise plan, allowing you to assign a greater number of devices.


Way 2. Transfer files between iPad and PC wirelessly via iCloud

If you want to transfer files between iPad and PC wirelessly, then cloud services would be a great choice, for example, iCloud.

Store your files on iCloud for easy access across all your devices. Begin by uploading files from your iPad and then download them on your PC. Keep in mind, iCloud gives you 5GB of free storage. If you need more space, you can upgrade your storage plan. Learn how to connect your iPad to your PC wirelessly and move files via iCloud Drive.

On your iPad:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Tap on your name > Select iCloud > Activate iCloud Drive.

Turn on iCloud

Step 2. In the Files app, tap Browse > iCloud Drive > Upload the required files.

Upload Files

On your computer:

Step 1. Visit > Log in using your Apple ID and passcode.

Sign In to iCloud

Step 2. Click on iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive

Step 3. Locate the necessary files and download them to your PC.

Download Files

The bottom line

In summary, connecting your iPad to a Windows laptop wirelessly is easy and convenient. This guide introduces how to connect iPad to PC wirelessly using two simple methods: using AnyViewer for screen mirroring and iCloud for wireless file transfers. Embrace the wireless era hassle-free, enhancing your digital experience without the need for cables. Explore these straightforward steps and enjoy the benefits of seamless iPad and PC connectivity.