Full Guide: Use Asus Remote Link for PC Remote Control from Phone

Want to control your PC from phone at any time? Let’s see what is Asus Remote Link and how to Asus Remote Link for PC remote control.


By Annie / Updated on May 23, 2023

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What is Asus Remote Link?

Asus Remote Link can flexibly control your desktop or laptop over WiFi or Bluetooth, and then you can use your Smartphone to control the PC apps. But it should be noted that the app only supports controlling PC that runs Windows 8.1 or later versions. See what Asus Remote Link can do:

  • Turns the smartphone into a touchpad and the phone screen is the touchpad screen,  recognizing a variety of gestures
  • Remotely control Powerpoint presentation on the computer and control the sile from the phone. 
  • Change the track and adjust the volume for the computer from the phone with Media Remote feature.
  • Connect your phone to your smartwatch, then control the PC from the smartwatch


How to use Asus Remote Link for PC remote control

This Asus remote control PC application supports two ways to control a computer remotely. Keep reading to learn more.

Preparation for controlling PC with Asus Remote Link:

  • A smart phone with Bluetooth turned on and WiFi connected (applicable to both Android and iOS systems).
  • A laptop computer with Windows 10/11 Pro system connected to the same WiFi (the desktop computer needs to be equipped with a Bluetooth module and a wireless network card).
  • First install ASUS Smart Gesture on your computer. This is a smart trackpad driver that can help you control more precise gestures, including clicking, tapping, scrolling, dragging, etc.
  • A smart phone (Android or iOS ) with Bluetooth turned on and WiFi connected
  • A Windows 10/11 Pro laptop that is connected to the same WiFi (For desktop, it should have a Bluetooth module and a WiFi card)
  • InstallASUS Smart Gesture on your computer. Asus Smart Gesture is a smart tracked driver that helps you control gestures, including clicking, tapping more preciously
  • Install Asus Remote Link on your computer and smart phone.

Way 1. Asus Remote Link:  control PC Windows 10/11 over Bluetooth

Step 1. On your computer, press Windows + R at the same time, input “control” to open Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel

Step 2. Type “bluetooth” on the search box, locate“Change Bluetooth Settings” under “Device and Printer” and click it.

Change Bluetooth Settings

Step 3. On the “Bluetooth Settings” window, locate “Discovery”, tick “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC” and click “OK”.


Step 4. Click “Show hidden icons” and right-click the “Bluetooth” icon and choose “Add a Bluetooth Device”.

Add a Bluetooth Device

Step 5. On the “Manage Bluetooth devices “window, wait for the search until the to-be-connected phone appears. Then, choose it and click “Pair”.


Step 6. Confirm the passcode and click “Yes” to pair.


Step 7. Open ASUS Smart Gesture and make sure that “Enable REMOTE Link in my PC” is checked.


Step 8. On your mobile phone, open Asus Remote Link, choose “Bluetooth “and click “Search device”.

Step 9. Under “Select Device”, choose the computer that you want to control.


Step 10. Then, you can see that ASUS Remote Link has connected the phone to the computer successfully.

Step 11. If you want to exit, you can choose “Back to the main screen” and click “OK”.


Way 2. Asus Remote Link: control PC over WiFi

Firstly, make sure that the phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi. Then, follow the steps.

Step 1. On the computer, open “ASUS Smart Gesture” and check “Enable Remote Link in my PC”.

Step 2. On the smartphone, open ASUS Remote Link, choose “WiFi” and click “Search Device”.

Step 3. After that, choose the to-be-controlled computer under ”Select Device."

Step 4. After the remote connection is established, you can take many operations on PC, like rebooting the computer, shutting down the computer, and so on.

Asus Remote Link alternative: control PC for free

If you think it's a little bit complicated to use Asus Remote Link for PC remote control or Asusu Remote Link isn't working, you can use a free & safe remote access software to control a PC from an iPhone/Android device or another PC.

Get Asus Remote Link alternative for PC access and control

▶ Take full control of a computer from a phone or a PC.

▶ View remote desktop on the target computer.

Access files on the remote PC.

▶ Secured by end-to-end ECC algorithm.


Download Freeware Windows 11/10/8/.1/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Download, and install AnyViewer on the computer (compatible with all editions of Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7). Run it and send the device ID and the temporary security code to the mobile device.

Device ID

Step 2.  Download AnyViewer from the Apple store on your iPhone or iPad or download AnyViewer Android installation package on your Android device. Install and run it. Then, input the device ID of the PC and click "Connect". 

Enter Device ID

Step 3. Choose "Security code" and input the temporary security code of the target computer. 

Control Mode

Then, you can use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet to control the target computer remotely.

Virtual Mouse

✍ Important note: It's recommended to upgrade to an AnyViewer advanced plan.  After setting up a remote connection to your Asus PC from your mobile phone, you can tap Menu and choose Privacy Mode to black the remote screen and disable the physical keyboard & mouse to prevent your remote PC from being viewed or used by others. 

Wrap things up

You can use ASUS Remote Link for PC remote control. But it is a little bit complicated to use for a green hand. Thus, it's highly recommended to use its free alternative, AnyViewer to access and control your computer from a phone or another computer.