How to Install Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 7

This post mainly demonstrates how to install Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 7 and the definition of it.


By Ellie / Updated on June 22, 2022

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What are Remote Server Administration Tools?

Remote Server Administration Tools(RSAT) is a Windows Server component that allows you to remotely manage other machines that are running the same operating system as your PC. RSAT enables administrators to administer features, roles, and role services from a remote computer by using snap-ins.


Before Windows 10 version, the Remote Server Administration tools must be downloaded from the Microsoft website and then installed. Therefore, we need to download and install RSAT on Windows 7. But it’s worth mentioning that RSAT only can be downloaded and installed on Professional or Enterprise editions, and can’t be done on Home and Standard Windows versions.

How do I install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7?

Here we’ll introduce how to install remote Server administration tools on Windows 7.

Step 1. Click on the link Step to download the Remote Server administration tools, you can choose to download to the desktop.

Remote Server Administrative Tools Download Link

Step 2. And then choose the download that you want.

Choose the Download You Want

Step 3. Click on Next and then you can download the install files to the desktop. Double click on the install files and then prepare the installation.

Windows Update

Step 4. Click on “Yes” for the question and then you can download and install.

Ask For Install

Step 5. Now you will jump to a new window to install updates. (It will take about 8 minutes to install.)

The Updates Are Being Installed

Step 6. Then you can get “Installation complete”. Click on “Close”.

Installation Completed

Step 7. Now the installation is finished, we need to create a shortcut for RSAT. Press Win + R and then input “control panel”.

Run Box Control Panel

Step 8. Select Programs and Features, and then click on “Turn Windows features on or off”.


Step 9. In the “Turn Windows features on or off” window, check all the options under Remote Server Administration Tools. And then click on “OK”.

Click the Option RSAT

Step 11. The Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) now will be enabled.

Please Wait

Step 12. After the installation, you can find it in “All Programs”.

Administrative Tools


How to install Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 7? This post shows detailed instructions to guide you to achieve the installation of RSAT on Windows 7, by which you can administer server infrastructure and manage the desktop system.