Tutorial: How to Transfer Data From Old Computer to New Window 11

How to transfer data from old computer to new Windows 11? Continue reading this article to learn 3 methods and instructions for transfer data from old computer to new Window.


By Carolyn / Updated on December 28, 2023

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How do I transfer everything from my old laptop to my new one Windows 11?


Is it possible to utilize recovery and backup methods to transfer files and data from a Windows 10 computer to a new Windows 11 computer? Alternatively is there an easy way to accomplish this? I am concerned that I will not get everything copied.

- Question from Microsoft Community


Transferring everything from your old computer to your new Windows 11 can be done using several methods. But the process of transferring data from an old computer, especially transferring large files seems to be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have found several options for you to quickly transfer data from old computer to new Windows 11.

In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to seamlessly transfer your data, ensuring that your files, settings, and applications make the journey to your new Windows 11 system.

How to transfer data from old computer to new Windows 11 [3 options]

We've identified three methods for effortlessly transfer data from old computer to new Windows 11. If you're interested in determining the best method among these three, refer to this article for a comprehensive comparison.

Option 1. Professional data transfer software- AnyViewer

For a quick, secure, and easy transfer of files to your new Windows 11 computer, consider using the professional data transfer software AnyViewer. This software allows you to seamlessly transfer various file types, including videos, photos, and documents, to your new PC with just a simple click. Ensure the safety and integrity of all your files during the transfer process. Download AnyViewer now and begin the hassle-free file transfer to your new Windows 11.

Step 1. Begin by downloading and installing AnyViewer on both computers.

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Step 2. On the local computer, click on "Log in," and if you have previously signed up on the official website, log in directly.


Step 3. Provide the necessary information to create an AnyViewer account and log in on both devices.


Step 4. After successful login, your device will be automatically linked to your account.


Step 5. On your local computer, navigate to the "Device" section, identify the target computer, and choose the "File transfer" option.


Step 6. A File Transfer dialog box will appear, displaying the path of the Controller computer on the left and the path of the Recipient computer on the right. You have the flexibility to transfer files effortlessly between devices by simply clicking the arrows after choosing the desired files.


★Tips: Unlock advanced file transfer permissions and features by upgrading your account to the Professional or Enterprise plan. With these plans, you gain access to the following benefits:
Quicker data transfer velocity: In the unpaid version, the highest speed for file transfers is restricted to 500 KB/s, while a premium subscription enhances this to a peak of 10 MB/s.
Expanded concurrent file transfers: The complimentary account allows up to 100 files to be transferred simultaneously, whereas the premium version provides an unrestricted capacity for concurrent transfers.
Enhanced single-file transfer size: In the free plan, the largest file size that can be transferred is 100 MB, while the premium subscription extends this limit significantly to 1 TB.


Option 2. Use cloud software- Google Drive

In addition to data transfer software, cloud storage services provide an alternative method for transferring files from your old computer to Windows 11. This approach involves creating a cloud storage account on platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or similar services.

It's worth noting that many cloud storage services provide a limited amount of free storage, and additional space typically requires a subscription fee. Users with extensive data may encounter storage constraints, necessitating ongoing management or incurring additional expenses.

Follow the steps below to understand how to transfer data from an old computer to Windows 11 using Google Drive:

Step 1. Navigate to Google Drive's main interface, click on "My Drive" in the left sidebar, and then select "Upload files" or "Upload folder" from the expanded menu by clicking "My Drive" again.


Step 2. Choose "Upload files," and a window will appear. Select the desired file and click "Open" in the lower-right corner.


Step 3. Monitor the file upload progress in the lower-right corner and locate the file in the main interface upon completion.


Step 4. Open Google Drive on the second computer, log in using the same Google account, find the transferred file, right-click, and select "Download" from the menu for remote file transfer between different computers.


Option 3. Use external storage devices

Opting for a Hard Drive is an efficient method to copy files from one remote desktop to another, offering a quick and offline solution for transferring large amounts of data. This approach is both simple and cost-effective. However, it comes with a significant risk: the potential loss of the Hard Drive means the loss of all files stored on it. This risk is particularly concerning if the data being transferred includes sensitive or confidential information.

Step 1. Connect the Hard Drive to your computer.

Step 2. Copy all the files you want to transfer into the Hard Drive.

Step 3. Connect the Hard Drive to the Windows 11 computer.


Step 4. Proceed to transfer the selected files to your new computer.

Which option is the best?

Now that you've acquired knowledge on transfer data from old computer to new Windows 11 using software, cloud services, and external storage devices, you likely have a comprehensive understanding of these three methods. To aid in making an informed decision, consider the following concise tabular comparison:



Google Drive

External Storage Device


256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm and two-factor authentication

Depends upon cloud service providers' security

Prone to physical damage

File sharing method

One-click easy transfer

Cloud storage upload and download

Manual copy and paste


Free, Affordable upgrades and enterprise plans

Recurring cost

One-time cost


Access anytime and anywhere

Access anytime and anywhere

Take anywhere

Real-time collaboration




Transfer size

Good for all data

Moderate size data

Moderate size data



Depends upon the data size







Transferring data from your old computer to Windows 11 doesn't have to be a complex process. Whether you opt for a dedicated file transfer tool, leverage cloud storage solutions, or employ external storage devices, the steps outlined in this article guide you through the process of transferring data to your new Windows 11 system.

By choosing the professional file transfer tool AnyViewer, you will start your Windows 11 journey with familiar files and settings. Get ready to experience a straightforward and rapid data transfer process.