Top 2 Ways to Play Steam Games on Another Computer

This post primarily introduces two ways to seamlessly play Steam games on another computer. Dive into the details below for an enhanced gaming experience without the constraints of distance.


By Ellie / Updated on July 3, 2024

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Can I play my Steam games on another computer?


I recently got my hands on a new gaming computer, and the thought crossed my mind – can I play my Steam games on another computer? I've invested quite a bit into my game library, and it would be awesome if I didn't have to start from scratch.”

- Question from Reddit

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The good news is, that you can extend your Steam gaming experience to another device, for example, playing Steam games on iPad or Android. To seamlessly play Steam games on another computer, there are two effective methods: Steam Remote Play and AnyViewer. Delve into the step-by-step guides outlined below for a smooth transition.

How to play Steam games on another computer [2 ways]

Easily extend your Steam gaming experience to another computer using the seamless options of Steam Remote Play and AnyViewer. Follow the straightforward steps outlined below to commence your gaming journey effortlessly.

Way 1. Steam Remote Play: Stream games to the remote computer

Steam provides a feature known as "Steam Remote Play," which allows you to stream and play games from your Steam library from one computer to another device. This can be useful for playing games on a less powerful laptop, a different desktop, or even a compatible mobile device. Here’s how to play Steam games on another computer via Steam Remote Play:

Step 1. Ensure that the Steam client is installed on both the computer where the game is installed (host computer) and the computer or device where you want to play (client computer).

Step 2. On both computers, log in to Steam using the same Steam account.

Step 3. On the host computer, go to the Settings.


Step 4. Make sure you have Steam Remote Play enabled.

Step 5. Under Remote Play, you should see the other computer logged into the same account and Remote Play is not enabled. Click Set PIN.

Enable Remote Play

Step 6. Set a security code.

Security Code

Step 7. On the client computer, go to Settings > Remote Play, and enable it. Then you can see that two computers are connected right now.

Device Connected

Step 8. On the host computer, launch the game you want to play.

Step 9. On the client computer, select the game from the Library and choose the host computer. Then click Stream. This will initiate the streaming connection.


Step 10. The game will start streaming from the client computer to the host computer. You can use the controls on the host computer to play the game.

Way 2. AnyViewer: Control remote computer for gameplay

Enter the realm of gaming freedom with the second method – employing the free remote desktop software, AnyViewer. Recognized as one of the premier choices for gaming, AnyViewer facilitates direct control from the local computer to the remote one, granting access to all its resources from any location. This implies that with Steam installed on your remote computer, you gain the power to control it from your local system, enabling you to play Steam games seamlessly, even if Steam is not installed on the local machine.

Embark on your journey to play Steam games on another computer effortlessly using AnyViewer. Just follow these user-friendly steps:

Step 1. Download and install AnyViewer on both devices.

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Step 2. Fire up AnyViewer on the remote device and complete the quick sign-up process.

Log in AnyViewer

Step 3. Log in on your local device using the same AnyViewer account.

Step 4. Navigate to the "Device" section, spot your desired remote device, and establish an instant connection with a simple click, selecting "One-click control."

Connect to My Devices

Step 5. You're now ready to enjoy playing Steam games on the remote computer, all controlled seamlessly from your local device.

Play Steam Games

Versatility beyond gaming: AnyViewer isn't just for gaming; it also supports file transfer, mobile control, and screen sharing - making it an all-in-one remote solution.
Limitless access: The free AnyViewer version allows unattended remote access for three devices. If you need more, check out the Professional or Enterprise plans for simultaneous access to multiple devices. Upgrade for broader remote control capabilities.
Ultra HD display: To get the best visual experience of playing Steam games remotely, you can switch to Ultra High Quality, 4:4:4 true color, and 60 FPS modes in AnyViewer after upgrading.

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The bottom line

In conclusion, playing Steam games on another computer is not only possible but easily achievable through two effective methods: Steam Remote Play and AnyViewer. Whether you prefer seamless streaming with Steam's feature or the versatile control offered by AnyViewer, both options empower you to enjoy your game library without limitations. Embrace the flexibility of these solutions and break free from the confines of a single device, enhancing your gaming experience. Play without boundaries and explore the diverse possibilities that these methods offer.