Top 5 Apps to Monitor Students Computer Screens Free

This post primarily introduces the top five apps to monitor students computer screens free, including their features, pros & cons, and scope of application. Pick one after careful reading.


By Ellie / Updated on February 19, 2024

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What app allows teachers to see students screen?

As technology continues to play an increasingly integral role in education, teachers are often seeking innovative ways to engage with their students and monitor their computer activities effectively. One such solution gaining popularity is the use of screen monitoring applications.

These applications provide teachers with the ability to view their students' screens in real time, allowing for better supervision and assistance during remote learning sessions or in computer-based classrooms. By being able to observe students' activities on their screens, educators can ensure they are staying on task, offer timely support, and address any issues promptly. This post analyzes the top five apps to monitor students computer screens free.

Why Monitor Students' Computer Screens?

Before ahead to the apps to monitor student computer screens free, let’s figure out why should monitor students’ computer screens? There are basic two reasons:

  • Ensuring academic integrity

One of the primary reasons to monitor students' computer screens is to maintain academic integrity. Screen monitoring tools can detect unauthorized activities during exams, reducing the likelihood of cheating and plagiarism.

  • Identifying potential issues and providing timely support

Beyond preventing academic dishonesty, screen monitoring allows educators to identify struggling students. By observing their engagement and progress, educators can offer timely support, ensuring no student is left behind.

However, when monitoring students’ computer screens, it is important to balance privacy concerns and educational needs. Teachers should navigate privacy laws and establish transparent monitoring policies.

List of 5 apps to monitor students’ computer screens free

Here's a concise list of five apps to monitor students’ computer screens free. Each app comes with its own set of features, benefits, and drawbacks, giving educators and guardians options to suit their specific needs.

Option 1. AnyViewer

AnyViewer emerges as a top-tier free screen monitoring tool tailored specifically for educational settings. It empowers teachers with the ability to establish screen walls corresponding to various classes, facilitating streamlined management. With AnyViewer, educators possess the flexibility to monitor either all screens collectively or focus on individual screens as desired.

Furthermore, this versatile platform extends its utility beyond mere monitoring, offering additional features crucial for remote education, such as file transfer, remote control, screen sharing, and remote communication capabilities.



  • Screen wall: AnyViewer's innovative screen wall feature allows users to monitor multiple remote screens simultaneously on a single display. This capability is particularly beneficial for efficiently overseeing and managing several students' computers or devices simultaneously.
  • Remote control: With AnyViewer's remote control functionality, users gain the ability to operate another computer from their own, mirroring the experience of being physically present. This feature proves invaluable for assisting students with technical issues or collaborating on projects seamlessly.
  • File transfer: AnyViewer simplifies the process of transferring files between connected devices during remote sessions. This functionality enables the swift sharing of documents, images, software updates, or any other necessary files without the need for additional communication channels.
  • Seamless communication: AnyViewer facilitates smooth communication throughout remote sessions. Users can engage in voice or video calls, chat exchanges, and message sharing while collaborating, enhancing the effectiveness of collaboration and support efforts.


  • Versatile platform support: AnyViewer boasts extensive compatibility across various operating systems, guaranteeing accessibility to a wide range of users.
  • Collaborative tools: The inclusion of screen sharing and real-time communication features promotes collaborative learning experiences among students and educators alike.
  • Resource sharing: AnyViewer facilitates efficient sharing of educational materials through its screen sharing and file transfer capabilities, enhancing resource accessibility and collaboration.
  • Problem-solving: With remote control functionality and seamless communication channels, AnyViewer facilitates swift problem-solving processes, ensuring smooth educational workflows and support interactions.


  • Network dependency: AnyViewer's functionality is contingent upon a stable and robust network infrastructure, potentially limiting its usability in environments with unreliable or inadequate network connectivity.

Who is AnyViewer good for?

AnyViewer is simple to set up and operate, but it's best suited for middle and high school teachers who need advanced classroom management across different operating systems. Its screen wall feature is especially useful for viewing and managing multiple screens simultaneously.

Option 2. Mythware

Mythware provides cross-platform classroom management across different operating systems, allowing screen broadcasting and resource sharing. Teachers can showcase student work during class demonstrations and utilize an interactive whiteboard feature, fostering real-time collaborative problem-solving.



  • Efficient student management for attendance tracking: Streamline attendance tracking by importing student name lists and initiating the sign-in process swiftly. This feature facilitates easy comparison of sign-in records with the name list, ensuring accurate attendance records.
  • Comprehensive policy management for classroom discipline: Maintain class order effectively by utilizing this feature to regulate student access to CDs, USB disks, websites, applications, and printers. It serves as a vital tool for creating focused and undistracted learning environments during teaching sessions.
  • Intuitive remote control for enhanced supervision: Empower teachers with the capability to monitor and control student devices remotely. This feature provides teachers with a comprehensive overview of students' real-time learning activities, enabling immediate assistance or guidance when necessary.
  • Streamlined remote settings for time-saving management: Simplify the management of student devices with this feature, offering centralized control options. It significantly reduces the time spent by educators by enabling quick adjustments and updates to settings on student devices from a single location.


  • Collaborative tools: Enhance collaborative learning with class demonstrations and an interactive whiteboard, encouraging student engagement.
  • Resource sharing: Facilitate efficient sharing of educational resources and collaborative problem-solving through screen broadcast functionality.


  • Tech proficiency required: This may pose challenges for teachers who are less familiar with technology.
  • Network dependency: Relies on a robust network infrastructure for full functionality and support.

Who is Mythware good for?

Ideal for middle and high school educators seeking advanced classroom management across diverse operating systems. Its features such as screen broadcasting and interactive whiteboards cater perfectly to those aiming to foster collaborative and technologically integrated learning environments.

Option 3. Faronics Insight

Faronics' Insight enhances teaching effectiveness through streamlined student activity monitoring and direct communication channels. Educators can swiftly generate and assess tests, regulate device utilization, and direct classroom focus. The array of tools offered by Insight cultivates a disciplined, captivating, and participatory learning environment, positioning it as a vital resource for instructors in technologically integrated educational settings.

Faronics Insight


  • Centralized administration: Easily oversee and manage all user profiles centrally. With just a few clicks, handle various aspects such as profile deletion, proxy adjustments, cookie exports, and tagging, ensuring smooth user experience management.
  • Seamless monitoring: Maintain continuous visibility into user activities. Monitor interactions in real-time, capturing and analyzing user behavior to ensure compliance and effective platform management.
  • Strong security measures: Enforce robust security protocols. Safeguard user data and maintain system integrity by adjusting proxies and settings, all from a single management interface.
  • Customized user experience: Personalize and improve the user journey. Customize experiences by exporting cookies and implementing tags for enhanced categorization and navigation, offering a more intuitive interface for users.
  • Efficient profile management: Streamline organization and updates for user profiles. Remove outdated profiles, adjust settings to meet new requirements, and precisely manage user access, all through an easy-to-use management console.


  • Comprehensive classroom monitoring: Allows effortless monitoring of student activities.
  • Direct & engaging communication: Facilitates effective teacher-student interaction through direct channels.
  • Streamlined assessment features: Provides tools for creating and promptly grading tests with efficiency.


  • Limited parental engagement: Does not include features for direct communication with parents.
  • Viewing limitations: Offers restricted options for screen sharing and monitoring capabilities.

Who is Faronics Insightgood for?

Ideal for upper elementary, middle, and high school environments, Insight proves especially beneficial for educators operating in 1:1 device setups. It furnishes powerful resources for monitoring student activities and elevating classroom management practices.

Option 4. Netop Vision

Netop Vision promotes focused learning by enabling teachers to observe and control student screens. Its web filtering and screen-locking features improve on-task behavior. The software simplifies presentations and enables direct screen sharing between students and teachers, enhancing classroom engagement. Netop Vision offers a complete solution for fostering student concentration and motivation in digitally enhanced educational settings.

Netop Vision


  • Real-time student oversight: With Netop Vision, educators can monitor each student's computer screen in real-time, ensuring focus and productivity in the classroom while boosting engagement in learning.
  • Customized web filtering: The software offers a web filter feature, empowering teachers to regulate and restrict student access to specific websites during class, fostering a safe and undistracted online learning environment.
  • Directed learning atmosphere: Teachers can freeze student screens, capturing their attention and maintaining focus during crucial discussions or instructional moments.
  • Interactive screen sharing: Facilitating interactive and visual learning, teachers can share their screen with students, aiding in concept demonstration and lesson guidance.
  • Support for student presentations: Enabling students to showcase their work to the class, teachers can easily display a student's computer screen, promoting collaboration, participation, and presentation skills development in the classroom.


  • Comprehensive monitoring: Promotes focused student engagement via thorough screen observation and management.
  • Support for concentrated learning: Includes web filtering and screen-sharing features to support focused learning efforts.
  • Presentation &attention management: Offers tools for interactive student presentations and attention control.


  • Device dependency: Less effective in settings without individual student devices.
  • Web filtering configuration: Demands careful setup to prevent excessive restrictions on internet access.

Who is Netop Visiongood for?

Ideal for all grade levels where students have individual devices, Netop Vision stands out as an excellent option for educators in digitally progressive classrooms. Its comprehensive monitoring and presentation capabilities help maintain student focus and elevate learning engagement.

Option 5. Classcraft

Classcraft harnesses gaming principles to inspire and regulate student behavior. It promotes positive behavior reinforcement and fosters social-emotional learning, with administrative oversight for tailored interventions. Intuitive and captivating, Classcraft seamlessly blends into daily routines, empowering student autonomy and enhancing educators' instructional approaches, ultimately reshaping classroom dynamics and improving student outcomes.



  • Positive behavior incentives: Create a positive classroom atmosphere by rewarding good behavior. Classcraft's point system makes behaving well enjoyable, encouraging students to show respect and kindness to each other.
  • Collaboration & recognition tools: Promote teamwork and appreciation among students with Classcraft's Kudos feature. This tool encourages collaboration and mutual respect, fostering a supportive learning environment.
  • Interactive lesson planning: Turn lesson plans into exciting adventures with Classcraft's Quests. This feature adds excitement and interaction to lessons, making learning more engaging for students.
  • Gamified assessments: Make assessments fun and effective with Boss Battles. This feature incorporates gaming elements into evaluations, making assessments less intimidating and more enjoyable for students.
  • Enhanced communication: Increase student and parent involvement with integrated messaging features. Classcraft facilitates communication between teachers, students, and parents, improving the educational experience.


  • Gamifying behavior: Utilizes gaming principles to manage behavior and motivate students effectively.
  • Emphasizing skill development: Promotes independence and social-emotional skill growth in students.
  • Integration into routines: Easily integrates into daily educational schedules, improving instructional approaches.


  • Varied gaming appeal: This may not appeal equally to all student demographics.
  • Balancing educational goals: Requires careful implementation to maintain focus on educational outcomes.

Who is Classcraft good for?

Classcraft is particularly suitable for elementary and middle school educators seeking to integrate gamification into behavior management and social-emotional learning. Its engaging approach is highly effective in classrooms dedicated to fostering teamwork and intrinsic motivation among students.

The bottom line

This post introduces the top five apps to monitor students computer screens free. In conclusion, the availability of free computer monitoring software for schools offers educators valuable tools for enhancing classroom management and promoting academic integrity. Each app presents unique features catering to diverse educational needs, from real-time monitoring to interactive engagement. By leveraging these applications, teachers can effectively supervise student activities, provide timely support, and create conducive learning environments. Choose the best-suited app to elevate educational outcomes and ensure a productive learning experience.