2024 Mirroring360 Review: Is It a Free & Safe Screen Mirroring Tool?

For those users who are concerned about whether is Mirroring360 free and is Mirroring360 safe, you will get the final answer here. This article provides a detailed introduction to Mirroring360 to help you understand the issues of whether is Mirroring360 free and if is Mirroring360 safe.


By Carolyn / Updated on January 12, 2024

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What is Mirroring360?

Mirroring360 is a versatile software designed for both Windows and Mac computers, offering the capability to mirror screens from various devices onto a computer. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms, Mirroring360 ensures high-quality results when wirelessly mirroring your phones to a PC.

In addition to mirroring, Mirroring360 provides the option to record the mirrored display. This feature eliminates the reliance on the device's built-in screen recording, preventing potential strain on the device's hardware.


However, many users want to know if is Mirroring360 free and if is Mirroring360 safe. This article aims to provide you with an introduction to address these questions. If you're curious, please continue reading for more information.

Is Mirroring360 free?

Unfortunately, Mirroring360 only offers a free 7-day trial. During this timeframe, you have the ability to mirror from all your devices to your Windows or Mac computer. Additionally, you can explore the Windows screen sharing features offered by Mirroring360 Pro. If you want to use Mirroring360 for a long time, you have to choose a paid plan. However, you can still opt for a free trial that is only available for 7 days.

A notable feature of purchasing Mirroring360 Pro is that you can create a room and invite others to join and let them observe your mirrored screen on their own devices. This is useful if you want to easily display your screen to many people, especially when working remotely.


But we can find that even if you purchase the paid version, Mirroring360 still has certain restrictions on user use. Even purchasing a Professional license still only provides lifetime access on one computer and only allows you to share your screen with 40 participants.

As for pricing and further specifications for the Enterprise license, you’ll have to contact the Mirroring360 developers directly to find out, as pricing is unclear. If you want access to more devices or have more participants, you'll need to purchase it at a higher price. While you can initially use Mirroring360 for free with the trial version, purchasing a license becomes necessary to ensure continued access and avoid any disruptions in service.

Is Mirroring360 safe?

The answer is Yes. We believe that Mirror 360 is legal and safe to use. The program's installer files were scanned by built-in antivirus software and received a good security rating. In addition, the following conditions are also required to ensure software security:

  • Encryption Protocols: Mirroring360 typically employs encryption protocols to secure the transmission of data between devices during screen mirroring. This encryption ensures the safeguarding of sensitive information, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Authentication Requirements: Users often need to undergo authentication processes to establish a connection for screen mirroring. This adds an additional layer of security by ensuring that only authorized users can initiate mirroring sessions.
  • Local Network Dependency: Mirroring360 relies on local network connections for screen mirroring. This localized approach can enhance security by minimizing the exposure of data to external networks.

To sum up, Mirroring360 is safe to use. However, these security guarantees are far from enough. With the continuous development of technology, users' security considerations should also adopt more complete and advanced protection methods.

Some people also try to download cracked versions of the software they want. Basically, cracking software removes the code that checks the license so that people can use the software for free. But this is very dangerous:

  • High Risk of Malware: Cracked software often contains malware that can harm your computer, compromise your personal information, or create various issues. Most of the time, cracked versions are infected with malicious code.
  • Software Functionality Issues: Cracked versions may not work properly. They can be outdated, lacking the latest features and updates found in the official software. Bugs may remain unpatched, and you might miss out on essential improvements.
  • Downloading from Untrustworthy Sources: Cracked software is usually distributed through shady websites. This increases the risk of downloading from untrustworthy sources. Such sites are often associated with various security threats.

It's crucial to emphasize that utilizing cracked software is against the law and can result in severe consequences. It is recommended to obtain software through legitimate means to ensure security, functionality, and compliance with licensing agreements.

AnyViewer: Best free and safe Mirroring360 alternative

Certainly, if Mirroring360's features haven't piqued your interest, and you're seeking a free and secure alternative with more generous offerings than Mirroring360's 7-day trial and paid version limitations, then you're in the right place. We'll explore the best Mirroring360 alternative that not only provides robust features but also ensures a secure and reliable mirroring experience.

In the realm of secure and free Mirroring360 alternatives, AnyViewer stands out as the top choice. As a secure and versatile remote desktop software, AnyViewer facilitates seamless interactions between mobile devices and computers, as well as among different computers. This versatile tool ensures a secure, smooth, and speedy experience, simplifying the process of mirroring between your mobile device and computer, regardless of your location. And AnyViewer also meets all your needs:

  • Free Plan: AnyViewer provides a free plan that caters to both personal and commercial users, offering complete features and permissions to fulfill your requirements.
  • Higher Security: Securing screen share is paramount during share screen sessions, and AnyViewer places a high priority on data security. It achieves this by implementing end-to-end encryption, utilizing the robust 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm. Furthermore, AnyViewer enhances the protection of sensitive information by incorporating two-factor authentication.
  • Easy to Use: AnyViewer boasts a clean, user-friendly, and straightforward interface, ensuring a seamless user experience. The software simplifies the process of establishing remote control, eliminating the need for unnecessary and complex learning processes.
  • High-Speed & Stable Connection: AnyViewer ensures a stable and high-speed connection by leveraging advanced connection technology. The software automatically selects the optimal server connection, resulting in a faster and smoother remote control experience. This feature guarantees quick and seamless connections, regardless of the user's environment, enhancing efficiency in problem-solving.
  • Comprehensive and Outstanding Features: AnyViewer stands out with comprehensive and outstanding features. Beyond simple screen sharing, the software provides a myriad of impressive functionalities. Users can enjoy one-click control, real-time synchronization of remote sounds, text chat capabilities, support for multiple sessions, multi-monitor compatibility, and a range of other features that contribute to a versatile and efficient remote control experience.

Step 1. Begin by installing AnyViewer on both your iPhone and computer. Then, on your iPhone, go to the “Log in” and click “Sign up” to create a new AnyViewer account.


Step 2. Log in on your iPhone using the same account credentials you established on your computer.


Step 3. On your computer, select your iPhone and click the "View screen" option.


Step 4. On your iPhone, tap "Allow" to grant permission for the screen view request.


Step 5. Start the screen sharing process by clicking "Start Broadcast."


Step 6. Now, your iPhone screen is visible on your PC, and you can adjust the image quality through the toolbar for an optimized viewing experience.


★Tips: To expand your remote screen viewing capabilities and gain access to a broader range of iPhone devices, upgrading your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan is recommended. This step allows you to unlock additional features and ensures a more comprehensive experience with AnyViewer.



This article answers your questions about whether is Mirroring360 free and whether is Mirroring360 safe. After reading this article, you already have a certain understanding of Mirroring360.Mirroring360's versatility, cross-platform compatibility, and security features make it a notable screen mirroring tool. Whether opting for the free version or exploring premium features, users can navigate the landscape based on their specific needs.

Faced with the 7-day free trial provided by Mirroring360, and the security measures that are not particularly complete. It is highly recommended that you choose AnyViewer as an alternative to Mirroring360. AnyViewer not only provides you with a free plan that meets your usage needs but also takes strong measures to protect your security. Try it now and embrace the new screen sharing experience!