Tutorial: How to Screen Mirror iPhone on Dell laptop [4 Ways]

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By Carolyn / Updated on May 10, 2024

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Can I mirror my iPhone to my Dell computer?

Of course. The ability to seamlessly share content across devices has become critical these days. Whether you're giving a presentation, sharing photos with friends, mirror PC to iPhone, or just enjoying multimedia content, screen mirroring offers a convenient solution. If you're wondering how to screen mirror iPhone on Dell laptop, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to mirror iPhone on Dell laptop.


How to screen mirror iPhone on Dell laptop [4 ways]

How to screen mirror iPhone to Dell laptop? Creating iPhone screen mirroring on your Dell laptop is easier than you think. Below you'll find three ways to do it, and whichever app you prefer to use, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Way 1. AnyViewer

If you are looking for the easiest way to screen mirror iPhone on Dell laptop, AnyViewer is the best choice. AnyViewer stands out as an outstanding screen mirroring solution, praised for its secure, speedy, and free screen-sharing features. It effortlessly enables you to share your iPhone screen with your Dell laptop, breaking geographical barriers for seamless remote and wireless projection.

Offering free plans suited for personal and commercial use, AnyViewer provides a wide range of features and permissions to meet diverse user needs. Apart from its primary screen-sharing function, AnyViewer serves as a comprehensive software solution, incorporating convenient features like one-click viewing, text chatting, synchronization of remote device sounds, and more.

Step 1. Start by downloading and installing AnyViewer on your iPhone and Dell laptop.

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Step 2. Sign up for an AnyViewer account on your Dell laptop to link your device automatically to this new account.


Step 3. In the application, go to the "Device" section and select your local device. Choose "Mobile Screen mirroring."


Step 4. At this point, a QR code will appear on the screen for further action.


Step 5. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and download AnyViewer. Once installed, find the "Start" button and tap the scan icon in the upper right corner. Scan the QR code displayed on your Dell laptop screen. Then, authorize the casting request by tapping "OK" on your iPhone and complete the process by clicking “Start Broadcast.”


Step 6. You can now remotely view your iPhone screen on your Dell laptop.


★Tips: Think about upgrading your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan to improve your ability to remote control and access additional iOS devices.


Way 2. AirDroid

AirDroid shines as a versatile and user-friendly app, enabling seamless screen sharing for your iPhone when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This simplifies screen sharing and file transfers. Acting as a bridge between iOS and Windows, AirDroid serves as a cross-platform tool, offering various features to enhance productivity and connectivity. Here's how to use AirDroid Cast to share your iPhone screen:

Step 1. On your Dell laptop, choose the WLAN method to connect.

Step 2. Scan the QR code or enter the cast code displayed on your Dell laptop using your iPhone.


Step 3. Accept the casting request on your Dell laptop to initiate the process.

Step 4. Allow casting permission on your iPhone to enable mirroring.

Step 5. The screen mirroring process is now successfully finished.

Way 3. LonelyScreen

Introducing LonelyScreen, your solution for seamlessly mirroring your iPhone screen onto your Dell laptop. With LonelyScreen, you can effortlessly display your iPhone's content, including apps, videos, photos, and more, directly onto your laptop's larger screen. Say goodbye to squinting at a tiny phone screen and enjoy the convenience of viewing your iPhone content on a bigger display with LonelyScreen.

Step 1. Start by downloading the software from the LonelyScreen website on your Dell laptop.

Step 2. After installing the software, double-click its icon to launch the LonelyScreen application.


Step 3. On your iPhone, open the Control Center, select "Screen Mirroring," and make sure both your iPhone and Dell laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Step 4. Choose "LonelyScreen" from the list, and soon your iPhone screen will be mirrored on your Dell laptop. Enjoy the seamless screen sharing experience!


Way 4. Mirroring360

Mirroring360 enables you to mirror the display screen of various devices like iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or tablet, Chromebook, PC, or Mac to computers wirelessly! Mirroring an iPad / iPhone or Mac screen is done using Apple's AirPlay™ technology. All you have to do is install the Mirroring360 application on the computer you want to mirror to and begin mirroring!

Step 1. Access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen or swiping down from the top right corner of the screen (this may vary depending on your device and iOS version).

Step 2. Tap the “Screen Mirroring” or “AirPlay” button.


Step 3. Select your computer from the list of available devices.

Step 4. Your iOS screen will now be displayed on your computer.


In conclusion, mastering the ability of how to screen mirror iPhone on Dell laptop opens up a realm of possibilities. With our guide offering four diverse methods, you can effortlessly elevate your viewing experience. Whether you opt for the simplicity of AnyViewer, the versatility of AirDroid, the convenience of LonelyScreen, or the comprehensive features of Mirroring360, you're guaranteed seamless screen sharing. Say farewell to the constraints of small screens and embrace the immersive experience of viewing your iPhone content on a larger display. It's time to take your multimedia enjoyment to the next level with screen mirroring expertise at your fingertips!