2024 Top 12 Employee Screen Monitoring Software

This guide provides you with the top 12 best employee screen monitoring software, along with their respective pros and cons. If you are in need, keep reading, you are sure to find the best option here.


By Carolyn / Updated on March 21, 2024

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How do I monitor my employees screen?

With the advent of remote working and digital technologies, monitoring employee activity has become critical for many organizations. That’s where employee screen monitoring software comes in, providing a solution for tracking and optimizing employee performance while respecting privacy boundaries.


Employee screen monitoring software is a technology tool designed to track and record an employee's computer activity during work hours. From the websites visited to the apps used, these software solutions provide comprehensive insights into how employees use their time on company devices. While some may consider this intrusive, if implemented properly, this type of software can benefit both employers and employees and make remote work easier. This article will introduce you to the top 12 best employee screen monitoring software, please read on to make the best choice for you.

Top 12 employee screen monitoring software

Read and understand the following ten employee screen monitoring software and understand their respective advantages and disadvantages to help you make a better choice.

Option 1. AnyViewer

Anyviewer is not only a remote desktop software, but also the best employee screen monitoring software free. It support companies to monitor multiple remote working computers at the same time, providing real-time monitoring of their activities. Besides, it also allows companies to remotely control employee computers to fix their technical problems, saving time and effort.

In addition to monitoring and controlling screens, AnyViewer has other useful features like transferring files, controlling from mobile devices, and shutting down or restarting computers remotely. These features are key for managing and supporting remote workers effectively.



  • Easy-to-use interface ensures simplicity.
  • ECC encryption and two-factor authentication boost data security.
  • Offers both screen monitoring and mouse & keyboard control.
  • Remote monitoring is fast and stable.
  • Supports large-scale deployment.
  • Mobile apps provide convenient access.
  • Competitive pricing plans are tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes.


  • Limited compatibility with Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Option 2. Teramind

Enhance employee productivity and ensure security and compliance with Teramind's thorough employee monitoring solution. With behavior analytics backed by data, you can obtain actionable insights to enhance operations, monitor productivity, and strengthen compliance management, all while respecting employee privacy. Teramind provides versatile metrics and insights essential for success, ranging from identifying top-performing employees to streamlining processes and evaluating performance.



  • A comprehensive array of tracking tools.
  • User-friendly interface and dashboard.
  • Unique feature for viewing live sessions and recording videos.
  • Keystroke tracking.
  • Flexible deployment options for cloud or on-premises environments.
  • Privacy compliance and access control.


  • Advanced monitoring functionalities might be complex.

Option 3. Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral is an advanced employee monitoring and insider threat detection solution designed to provide organizations with unparalleled visibility into user activity on their network. With its sophisticated monitoring capabilities, Veriato Cerebral empowers organizations to proactively identify and mitigate insider threats, safeguard sensitive data, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.



  • Unrivaled insight into employee activity and communication.
  • Useful risk score dashboard identifies different types of threats.
  • Robust security alerts for detecting insider threats.
  • Assesses and analyzes Employee Engagement.
  • Effective combination of monitoring and analytics in a single interface.


  • Costs can increase for larger teams.
  • Large data files may consume storage space.
  • Remote and covert installation poses challenges.

Option 4. ActivTrak

ActivTrak's software for monitoring employee productivity offers visibility into daily work habits and long-term productivity trends, whether employees are remote or hybrid. It enables flexible schedules, ensures compliance, and promotes a healthy work-life balance. Gain predictive insights that aid leaders, managers, and employees in building trust, fostering engagement, and enhancing productivity in the modern workplace, whether remote or hybrid.



  • Fast and user-friendly interface.
  • Simple installation process for agents.
  • Ability to identify most frequently used apps and websites.
  • Tracks productivity on a project-by-project basis.
  • Insights from monitoring can enhance employee coaching.


  • Requires adjustments to define user and group productivity metrics.
  • No OCR for keyword search within screenshots.
  • Does not include keystroke logging.
  • Dashboard widgets cannot be customized.

Option 5. Controlio

Controlio is a powerful employee monitoring software designed to help businesses monitor and manage the activities of their workforce effectively. With its comprehensive suite of features, Controlio empowers organizations to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and protect sensitive data.



  • Focused employee monitoring aimed at productivity.
  • Tracks both productive and distracting activities.
  • Generates productivity scores for users and departments.
  • Captures video snapshots from multiple displays.
  • Synchronizes keylogging with video recordings.


  • Video capture does not include AI or OCR functionality.
  • Universal search functionality is not available.

Option 6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a comprehensive time tracking and productivity management software designed to help businesses efficiently manage remote teams and freelancers. With its diverse set of features, Hubstaff enables organizations to track time, monitor productivity, streamline project management, and optimize workforce performance. Ensure your team is on the right track in real time with features like screenshot capture, activity monitoring, app usage tracking, reporting, and more. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Hubstaff operates discreetly in the background, allowing your team to work uninterrupted.



  • Captures and monitors screenshots and keystrokes.
  • Includes productivity tracking features for remote workers.
  • Offers job site and geolocation features.
  • Allows for easy scheduling of shifts for employees.


  • Lacks advanced tracking capabilities.
  • Stopwatch functionality requires an additional desktop app.
  • Reporting features are basic.

Option 7. Insightful

Insightful is a cutting-edge data analytics platform crafted to empower businesses with actionable insights derived from their data. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms, Insightful helps organizations unlock the full potential of their data to drive informed decision-making and achieve business objectives. Delve deeply into productivity metrics at the individual or organizational level using either real-time or historical data. Alternatively, utilize it to assess and analyze productivity and attendance through comprehensive reports.



  • Simple to identify unproductive apps.
  • Minimal effect on system resources.
  • Runs quietly in the background.


  • Needs more integration options.
  • Limits on the number of screenshots.

Option 8. StaffCop Enterprise

StaffCop Enterprise is a comprehensive employee monitoring and insider threat detection solution designed to provide organizations with enhanced visibility and control over employee activities on company-owned devices and networks. With its robust set of features, StaffCop Enterprise enables businesses to ensure productivity, mitigate security risks, and enforce compliance with corporate policies and regulations.



  • Extensive tracking capabilities for on-premises use.
  • Robust reporting and visualizations of data.
  • Includes audio, video, and remote desktop control.
  • Capable of capturing webcam footage.
  • Offers OCR functionality for screenshots and documents.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Provides comprehensive reports.


  • Outdated multi-step setup process for on-premises servers and clients.
  • Not suitable for remote or distributed workforces.
  • Does not include a cloud-based admin interface.
  • Lacks integration with mobile apps.

Option 9. VeriClock

VeriClock is a leading cloud-based time tracking and workforce management solution designed to help businesses streamline their timekeeping processes, enhance employee productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, VeriClock empowers organizations to accurately track employee time, manage schedules, and monitor workforce activity from anywhere, at any time.



  • Perfect for overseeing remote employees.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Various clock-in options are available via mobile, SMS, or phone.
  • Offers a well-rounded combination of time tracking and geolocation features.


  • The user interface is minimalistic.
  • Certain functions in the mobile app redirect to a browser window.

Option 10. DeskTime Pro

DeskTime Pro is a premium productivity and time tracking software designed to help businesses effectively manage their workforce, optimize productivity, and maximize efficiency. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, DeskTime Pro empowers organizations to monitor employee activities, track time spent on tasks, and identify opportunities for improvement. The inclusion of calendar and invoicing features greatly enhances the platform's value, which is already known for its simplicity in setup and usage.



  • Automatic time tracking.
  • Invoicing capabilities.
  • Calendar functionality.
  • Tracking of URLs, apps, and documents.
  • Option for private time for employees.
  • Project and task management.


  • Reporting options are limited.
  • Exports are only available in XLS format; no CSV option.
  • Lacks shift scheduling feature.

Option 11. InterGuard

InterGuard is a comprehensive employee monitoring and insider threat detection software designed to empower organizations with advanced visibility into employee activities on company-owned devices and networks. With its robust features and intuitive interface, InterGuard enables businesses to enhance productivity, enforce compliance, and mitigate security risks effectively.



  • A broad range of additional modules and features are available.
  • The updated user interface is designed to be more intuitive.
  • A convenient search function is included.
  • It possesses endpoint lockdown capabilities.
  • Noteworthy reports and automation for notifications are provided.


  • Smaller SMBs may be deterred by the requirement of more than 10 licenses.
  • The cost of modules can escalate rapidly.

Option 12. Workpuls

Workpuls is a leading workforce productivity and time tracking software designed to help organizations effectively manage their teams, optimize productivity, and improve overall efficiency. With its comprehensive suite of features and intuitive interface, Workpuls empowers businesses to track employee activities, analyze performance, and make data-driven decisions to drive business success.



  • The user interface is modern and intuitive, catering to contemporary needs.
  • Pricing is structured to be SMB-friendly.
  • The Employee Desk Application empowers employees by placing monitoring capabilities in their hands.
  • It prioritizes enhancing productivity for remote workers and groups.
  • Includes basic Kanban board functionality.
  • Offers both cloud-based and on-premise installation options.


  • There's a need for increased flexibility in mail reports.
  • Trial and setup processes necessitate consultation and a demo.
  • Mobile apps are currently unavailable.


In conclusion, employee screen monitoring software plays a significant role in enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency. By providing insights into employee activities, promoting accountability, and facilitating performance evaluation, these software solutions empower organizations to optimize their workforce's potential. However, it's crucial for employers to implement such tools responsibly, respecting employee privacy and fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

As businesses continue to adapt to evolving work environments, leveraging technology to monitor and support employee productivity will remain essential for sustained success. Employee screen monitoring software is not just a tool for surveillance; it's a catalyst for organizational growth and employee development in the digital age.