2024 Top 9 Alternatives to ApowerMirror

If you're in search of alternatives to ApowerMirror, you've come to the right place. This article tackles your concerns by introducing 9 free alternative to ApowerMirror. Continue reading to discover and select the most suitable option for your requirements.


By Carolyn / Updated on May 14, 2024

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What app allows you to screen mirror?

Several apps allow you to mirror iPhone screen on PC remotely. The availability of these features may vary based on the platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) and the devices involved.

ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring application that allows users to mirror and control their Android or iOS devices on a Mac or Windows computer. It provides wireless screen mirroring, enabling users to stream the content of their mobile devices to a larger screen. Additionally, ApowerMirror allows for the control of Android devices using a computer's mouse and keyboard, providing a more convenient and interactive experience.


However, to take full advantage of all ApowerMirror’s great features, you must subscribe to a premium account. So, we have listed down free and cheaper apps that you can use as alternatives to ApowerMirror.

What are alternatives to ApowerMirror? [9 options]

Should you choose to part ways with ApowerMirror, there are numerous alternatives worth exploring. In this compilation, we've curated the top 9 alternatives to ApowerMirror in 2024. These programs boast similar features to ApowerMirror and can fulfill your mirroring needs. Delve into the list to discover the free alternative to ApowerMirror that aligns with your preferences.

Option 1. AnyViewer [highly-recommended]

The top recommendation for a free alternative to ApowerMirror is AnyViewer—a secure and comprehensive all-in-one remote desktop software. AnyViewer streamlines the interaction between mobile phones and computers, as well as between different computers, ensuring a seamless and rapid experience. This versatile tool facilitates effortless mirroring between iPhones and PCs, offering convenience regardless of your location.AnyViewer offers a range of outstanding advantages, including:

  • Free: AnyViewer provides free plans tailored for both personal and commercial use, offering a variety of features and permissions to cater to diverse user needs.
  • No limitations: AnyViewer allows unrestricted screen sharing without any time or space constraints. It doesn't require devices to be on the same LAN, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • High performance: AnyViewer excels in performance, providing a fast and highly responsive connection experience for users.
  • Easy to Use: With a clean and user-friendly interface, AnyViewer ensures a straightforward and hassle-free experience, facilitating easy and fast connections.
  • Additional Features: Going beyond simple screen sharing, AnyViewer, as an all-in-one software, includes valuable features like one-click control, text chat, multi-monitor support, and more, enhancing the overall user experience.

AnyViewer will be the best free alternative to ApowerMirror.

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Step 1. Once you have downloaded, installed, and launched AnyViewer on your iPhone and other devices, navigate to the "Log in" section, and then click on "Sign up" to create your AnyViewer account.


Step 2. On your iPhone, sign in using the same account credentials that you created on your computer. This will ensure that your iPhone is seamlessly associated with your AnyViewer account.


Step 3. On your computer, select your iPhone from the list and click on the "View screen" option. This will initiate the screen-sharing session, allowing you to view and control your iPhone remotely using AnyViewer.


Step 4. Authorize the screen view request on your iPhone by tapping "Allow."


Step 5. To begin the screen-sharing session, click "Start Broadcast".


Step 6. You can now view your iPhone's screen remotely on your PC. Use the toolbar to adjust the image quality for an enhanced viewing experience.


★Tips: For expanded remote screen viewing capabilities and access to a wider range of iPhone devices, upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise plan is advisable.

Option 2. LetsViewer

LetsView stands out as an innovative and free application that seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android devices. The process is straightforward: download the app on your PC and iPhone, ensure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and initiate the mirroring of your phone's content on your PC.

It's worth noting that the free version of LetsView does have some limitations on specific features and usage hours. Additionally, users may experience advertisements, impacting the overall user experience. Furthermore, device control is not supported for either iOS or Android devices in the free version.

Below is a simple guide on wirelessly mirroring your iPhone screen to your PC:

Step 1. Download and install LetsView on both your iPhone and computer.

Step 2. Make sure your PC and iPhone/iPad are linked to the same wireless network.

Step 3. Launch LetsView on your PC and iOS device.

Step 4. On your phone, choose "Screen Mirroring" and select your PC running LetsView.


Step 5. To begin the screen sharing procedure, select "Share my screen" and then click "Start Broadcast".


Step 6. Access the Control Center on your iPhone, tap "Screen Mirroring," choose your PC from the list, and your screen will be mirrored on your PC.


Option 3. TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer QuickSupport is a dedicated tool created to facilitate receiving support on your mobile device from any Windows or Mac PC. Developed by TeamViewer, it provides essential services and features for a comprehensive experience on your mobile device. It's important to clarify that this program is not designed for remote control of iOS devices; its main functionality is the real-time viewing of the iPhone screen.

It's worth mentioning that TeamViewer QuickSupport is intended for personal use only and is not supported for commercial use.

Step 1. Download and install TeamViewer QuickSupport on your iPhone and other device. Open the app to view your unique ID.


Step 2. On the controlling device, launch TeamViewer, enter your iPhone's ID, and click "Connect."


Step 3. Your iPhone will display a connection request; tap "Allow" to grant access. You can now view the screen of your iPhone remotely.


Option 4. Reflector

Reflector simplifies the process of projecting your iPhone screen onto your Mac and Windows, accommodating devices that utilize Miracast or Airplay protocols. Wirelessly showcasing your iPhone on your Mac and Windows is straightforward, akin to using other user-friendly screen-mirroring applications.

It's important to mention that Reflector offers only a 7-day free trial, requiring a purchase for continued use. Some users have raised concerns about delays or lag during its use. Follow these uncomplicated instructions to link your iPhone to your Mac and Windows using Reflector.

On Mac:

Step 1. Download, install, and open Reflector on both your iPhone and Mac.

Step 2. Make sure the two devices are linked to the same wireless network.

Step 3. Open Reflector on your Mac.


 Step 4. Access the Control Panel on your iPhone and tap "Screen Mirroring".

Step 5. Select your computer's name from the list, and your iPhone screen will be smoothly displayed on your Mac.


On Windows:

The preceding preparations remain the same.

Step 1. Launch Reflector on your Windows device.


Step 2. On your iPhone, access the Control Panel, tap on "Screen Mirroring," and choose the name of your computer.


Step 3. Windows will now show your iPhone's screen seamlessly.

Option 5. AnyMirror

AnyMirror excels in mirroring your iPhone's screen, camera, microphone, and files to your computer with ease. Replicating your iPhone screen on a Windows PC becomes a straightforward process with just a few clicks, making it an excellent solution for screen mirroring.

However, it's essential to note that AnyMirror's free edition comes with limitations, allowing only 20 minutes of daily usage and restricting to a single mirror source. Additionally, the free version includes a watermark on the mirrored screen and provides SD quality, impacting the overall user experience.

Step 1. Install AnyMirror on both your iPhone and computer.

Step 2. To connect your iPhone to your PC, use a USB cord. On your computer, select the Screen Mirroring option and confirm by clicking "OK."


Step 3. On your iPhone, enter Screen Mirroring mode, choose USB, click the Start button, and tap the Start Broadcast button.


Step 4. Your iPhone screen is effectively mirrored on your PC using the USB connection.

Option 6. LonelyScreen

LonelyScreen transforms your PC into an AirPlay receiver, enabling seamless synchronization with your smartphone for easy screen casting. This eliminates the need for third-party apps, providing a straightforward solution for effortlessly sharing mobile content on your PC.

LonelyScreen, despite offering AirPlay mirroring and screen recording, has drawbacks including inconsistent performance, possible lag, limitations on mirrored content, and potential compatibility issues. The free version includes ads, impacting the user experience. Users should consider these factors when choosing LonelyScreen for mirroring and recording purposes.

Step 1. Download the LonelyScreen software from their official website.

Step 2. Complete the installation of the software and then double-click its icon to initiate the LonelyScreen application.


Step 3. Ensure that your iPhone and Windows PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Control Center on your iPhone, select "Screen Mirroring," and choose your Windows PC from the available devices. This establishes the connection for screen mirroring.


Step 4. Choose "LonelyScreen" from the list of available devices, and your iPhone screen will be swiftly mirrored on your Windows PC, allowing seamless sharing of your mobile content.


Option 7. X-Mirage

X-Mirage stands out as a top-notch AirPlay server that seamlessly works with both Windows and Mac PCs. It simplifies the process of displaying your iOS devices on a larger screen, offering not only the ability to showcase your iOS content but also a convenient one-click recording feature for everything on your screen.

It's essential to mention that X-Mirage doesn't have a free version; instead, it provides a 15-day free trial. Beyond this trial period, a purchase is necessary to continue enjoying the software.

Step 1. Firstly, download, install, and launch X-Mirage on your PC. If you're interested in exploring the trial version, simply click on "Continue" to initiate the process.


Step 2. In order to finish the registration process, click "Enter Key".


Step 3. In the Settings tab, you can customize different AirPlay settings such as display size, AirPlay name, password, and more.


Step 4. Confirm that both your Mac/PC and iOS devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 5. Open the Control Panel on your iPhone, choose "Screen Mirroring," and pick the name of the computer you wish to connect to.


Option 8. Zoom

Zoom, a widely used platform for video conferencing and remote collaboration, offers a variety of features, including high-quality audio and video calls, screen sharing, and chat functions. Meeting hosts have the ability to allocate screen sharing privileges to themselves or other participants.

However, it's important to note that the free version of Zoom has a 40-minute time limit for meetings. For longer meetings, users may need to choose a paid plan.

Step 1. To begin, launch the Zoom app on your iPhone. After signing in to your Zoom account, navigate to the main menu and select "New Meeting".


Step 2. Make sure the "Use Personal Meeting ID" toggle is turned on in the "New Meeting" settings, and then tap "Start a Meeting" to get started.


Step 3. By doing this, you will start the Zoom conference and turn on the camera on your iPhone or iPad. To begin screen sharing, simply tap "Share Content," conveniently located at the bottom of your screen.


Step 4. Focus on the main option, "Screen," as shown in the provided screenshot, and proceed by tapping it.


Step 5. Make sure "Zoom" is your designated selection, and then start screen sharing by tapping "Start Broadcast." If necessary, you can easily manage your microphone's status using the adjacent toggle.


Option 9. AirMore

AirMore is a web-based mobile management application that allows users to wirelessly manage and transfer files between their mobile devices (specifically Android and iOS devices) and their computers. It provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for tasks such as transferring files, managing media, and accessing various mobile device functions through a web browser interface.

However, AirMore offers wireless file transfer and device management but has drawbacks such as internet dependency, browser compatibility issues, and potential security concerns. iOS users may experience limitations, and considerations include app installation, file size restrictions, and ads in the free version. Users should review privacy settings, assess limitations, and consider preferences when using AirMore.

Step 1. To initiate AirMore on your iPhone, begin by installing and launching the app.

Step 2. Next, proceed to the AirMore website on your computer.


Step 3. Then, on your mobile device, click the "Scan to connect" button within the AirMore app. Utilize your phone's camera to scan the QR code visible on the AirMore website.


Step 4. After successfully scanning the QR code, your phone establishes a connection with your computer. Now, you have access to a range of features, including file transfers, message viewing, app management, and the option to mirror your phone's screen on your computer.



What are alternatives to ApowerMirror? This article outlines 10 options, such as LetsViewer, Reflector, X-Mirage, and more. While you have various choices, a thorough comparison reveals that the only software providing both extensive functionality and free access is AnyViewer. Choosing AnyViewer not only streamlines the connection between your iPhone and computer but also guarantees a quick and seamless user experience.

Moreover, AnyViewer not only offers free plans suitable for both personal and commercial use but also a diverse set of features and permissions that cater to users' needs without imposing excessive limitations. Additionally, AnyViewer is compatible not only with iOS but also with Android and Windows platforms.

In conclusion, AnyViewer undoubtedly emerges as the preferred choice for individuals seeking the best free alternatives to ApowerMirror.