Why Use AnyViewer Privacy Mode?

AnyViewer Privacy Mode is a feature that can make the remote session more reliable in aspect of security, privacy and operation.


Privacy Mode can be helpful for those who need to remotely access a PC from home. When you are in remote session with privacy mode, the keyboard & mouse of the host PC will be disabled. Nobody can operate the remote PC except you. And the whole remote session is being protected.

Privacy Guarantee

When you need to control a PC to access files, videos or something else which is related to your privacy, AnyViewer Privacy Mode can blacken screen of remote PC and provide you with a definite privacy guarantee. The files or data won’t be viewed by the colleagues or roommates.

Easy Operation

With a simple and intuitive interface, you can realize remote access in AnyViewer Privacy Mode with just one click if you log into AnyViewer account and activate the feature. The entire process is as easy as pie.

How to Connect to Remote Computer in Privacy Mode

Step 1. Sign up for AnyViewer account

Install and download AnyViewer on 2 devices and then create an AnyViewer account.

Step 2. Log into the same account and assign computers.

Log into the AnyViewer account on 2 devices and the devices will be automatically assigned to the account. Then upgrade your account to an advanced plan .

Step 3. Realize one-click connection in privacy mode.

Locate the “Device” tab and find remote PC. Click it and then check “Connect in privacy mode”. Finally, select “Remote control” to realize one-click remote desktop connection in privacy mode.

What Our Users Say


"I’m benefited a lot from AnyViewer Privacy Mode. For work reasons, I frequently run an errand and I need to access my work PC during that time. But the data is relatively secreted and private. To prevent my data from being leaked, I use AnyViewer and its feature Privacy Mode is kind of amazing. Thanks a lot!”


I strongly recommend a useful feature, AnyViewer Privacy Mode, with which I can deal with work stuff remotely without worrying about the security and privacy. Nice one


One of the brilliant functions of AnyViewer is Privacy Mode! It’s worth having a try. You’ll love it at once when you experience it.