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AnyViewer care about everything that matters to our users during remote sessions. High-speed connection with high-quality image & low latency are ensured by the latest and advanced technologies.

Provide Reliable Solutions for IT Technical Support and Remote Access

  • Remote Support
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Game
  • Remote File Transfer
  • Mobile Access

Quick Support from Remote Locations

  • Control multiple computers simultaneously for one-to-many support.
  • Instant Chat enables effective commutation between two ends.
  • Easy access to reboot, CMD, Task Manager, etc., facilitating the fixing process.

ZoeyProfessional IT Technician

" AnyViewer provides an easy way for technical support. I send a remote control request to my client and assist him quickly solve issue with chat function in remote session."

Secure Remote Access to Work Computer

  • Access unattended workstation computer with one click or security code.
  • Access & transfer files and documents between the remote and the local computer.
  • Quickly connect to work PC and seamlessly use apps on it with low latency.

BrainEmployee of Design Company

" Thanks to AnyViewer. I don't have to stay at office and wait others to complete their tasks. I can go home and access the work PC to check out the content. "

Play Game Anywhere with Local Device

  • High FPS (up to 60FPS) in remote desktop sessions offers smooth gaming experience.
  • High-quality image allows you to view game visuals intuitively and clearly.
  • Instant respond enables you to accurately operate game devices and obtain real-time feedback.

Linda Steam game lover

" I love AnyViewer so much! It offers fast speed and high frame rate; thus, I can play my favorite PC game with my iPhone 14 seamlessly. There is almost no delay! "

Fast File Transfer between two Remote Computers

  • High speed file transfer (up to 10MB/s) move files to target place quickly, saving your time.
  • Great file transfer compatibility to transfer a wide range of file types and sizes (up to 1TB).
  • Strict security measures preventing files from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Joe English Teacher

" Thanks to file transfer feature in AnyViewer, I don't need to worry about forgetting my important files and documents. I can quick access and transfer them wherever I'm."

Mobile Access Remote Computer

  • The remote session window can be vertically or horizontally to perfectly match device screen.
  • Set commands to a shortcut key on Customized keyboard to execute tasks quickly easily.
  • One-click unlock locked Windows screen from local mobile device without inputting password.

Daisy Manager of IT department

" With AnyViewer mobile access, I can remote into my remote computer and keep productive whether I'm at a coffee or during a trip."

Always Keep Your Data Safe

AnyViewer value your computers and data safe & privacy with strong measures.

Recommended by

"AnyViewer is installed for us in less than five seconds and has a really simple user interface that's easy for anyone to understand right off the bat. completely free of charge."
"AnyViewer is a straightforward piece of software, packing lots of functionality in what might look like a minimal interface, thus making it a worthwhile choice for remote desktop connections."
"AnyViewer ist eine Remote-Desktop-Software, mit der Sie einfach einen anderen PC fernsteuern können, um beispielsweise Ihrer Familie, Freunden oder Kunden bei Windows-Problemen zu helfen."
"AnyViewer is easy, secure, and free to use on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It enables PC-to-PC and Mobile-to-PC remote control. It provides a wide range of capabilities, such as unattended remote access, file transfer, multiple sessions, and chat functionality."
"AnyViewer is a high-performance remote desktop access software that help us to connect PCs in a simple way. It is stable, high quality, and it is easy to use. Its low latency brings us a great remote control experience."

Widely Applies to Different Industries

Information & IT Services

Through unattended remote access, employees can securely and conveniently access official resources, collaborate in real-time, manage remote devices and provide support from any location, ensuring the information technology services smooth and effective.


AnyViewer bridges the geographic gaps and enhance educational reach. With it, students can connect to their dedicated desktops and access course materials from remote areas where physical appearance was not feasible.


In the realm of government operations, AnyViewer empowers employees with seamless collaboration and high efficiency with secure and effective remote access solutions to critical systems and resources.

Media and Entertainment

Remote desktop software, AnyViewer, has revolutionized the way professionals collaborate and create captivating content with high performance (60FPS and low latency) and mobile access computer support.


Use AnyViewer, you can access remote desktops securely and manage QuickBooks or access accounting software without arriving at the scene to reduce cost and improve productively.


With powerful remote access app, users can remotely connect to apps on remote computer with high-quality image to use specialized design tools from anywhere, keeping productivity and creativity.

Rapidly Increasing Number of Users


AnyViewer is a standout product of AOMEI Technology. AOMEI has garnered a significant number of users. AOMEI’s user count has increased by 1000% in the past 4 years, demonstrating its rapid growth and popularity. This surge is not only due to the excellent products of AOMEI, but also because of AOMEI’s commitment to providing a reliable, secure, and user-friendly solution for all computer users worldwide.

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