2024 Tutorial: How to Screen Share from iPhone to PC [6 Ways]

Interested in learning how to screen share from iPhone to PC? This article is your comprehensive guide, outlining six free options and providing step-by-step tutorials to help you seamlessly share your iPhone screen on your PC. Explore the intricacies and discover the ideal solution tailored to your requirements!


By Carolyn / Updated on May 17, 2024

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Can I mirror my iPhone to my PC?

The answer is unquestionable. Indeed, screen share from iPhone to PC is achievable through several screen mirroring applications and tools. These options provide a seamless sharing and viewing experience, enabling you to utilize your iPhone screen on your PC for diverse purposes such as work, presentations, or assisting others. This enhances your effectiveness and convenience in various scenarios.


Choosing reliable screen sharing software is crucial, and this article is here to guide you. We'll explore 6 screen sharing tools along with step-by-step instructions on how to screen share from iPhone to PC. Stay tuned to find the solution that suits your needs best.

How to screen share from iPhone to PC [6 ways]

Discover the comprehensive step-by-step guide below, offering solutions on how to share screen from iPhone to PC through seven distinct methods. Keep reading to unveil the answers to your queries.

Way 1. AnyViewer [highly-recommended]

AnyViewer stands out as a highly recommended solution. A secure, robust, and free screen-sharing software, AnyViewer simplifies the process of sharing your iPhone screen with your PC, regardless of your location. It essentially empowers you to project your iPhone screen onto a PC remotely and wirelessly, breaking down geographical barriers. The advantages offered by AnyViewer are truly outstanding:

  • Free Access: AnyViewer extends free plans for personal and commercial use, offering a comprehensive set of features and permissions to cater to diverse user needs.
  • Higher security: AnyViewer prioritizes data security with end-to-end encryption using a strong 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection for enhanced security.
  • No Limitations: AnyViewer breaks barriers with unlimited screen sharing, irrespective of time, space, or the necessity for devices to be on the same LAN, even in its free version.
  • High Performance: AnyViewer excels in performance, delivering a swift and highly responsive connection experience.
  • User-Friendly: AnyViewer boasts a clean and user-friendly interface, ensuring easy and fast connections for users.
  • Additional Features: Beyond screen sharing, AnyViewer serves as an all-in-one software, offering valuable features such as one-click view, text chat, and more.

AnyViewer presents a comprehensive solution suitable for remote work scenarios and providing remote assistance. Its holistic approach addresses a wide range of needs, making it an ideal choice for various use cases.

Step 1. Install AnyViewer on both your PC and the desired iPhone. After installation, launch the application.

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Step 2. Open the app on your PC, go to the "Log in" section, and select "Sign up" to create your AnyViewer account.


Step 3. On your iPhone, log in using the account you just created on your PC.


Step 4. Return to your PC, locate your iPhone in the list, and click on "View screen."


Step 5. Authorize the screen sharing by tapping "Allow" on your iPhone when prompted.


Step 6. Click "Start Broadcast" to initiate the screen sharing.


Step 7. Now, you can effortlessly view your iPhone screen on your PC remotely. Additionally, use the toolbar to adjust the image quality if needed.


★Tips: To broaden your capabilities for remote screen sharing and simultaneously share the screens of multiple iPhone devices, contemplate upgrading your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan.

Way 2. LonelyScreen

For those less versed in technical matters, fret not; setting up LonelyScreen is a breeze. This user-friendly application seamlessly transforms your PC into an AirPlay receiver, syncing it seamlessly with your smartphone for screen casting. LonelyScreen eliminates the necessity for third-party apps, offering a straightforward solution to easily share your phone's content on your PC.

Step 1. Obtain the application by downloading it directly from the official LonelyScreen website.

Step 2. Complete the installation process and launch the application by double-clicking its icon.


Step 3. Navigate to the Control Center on your iPhone, and select "Screen Mirroring," ensuring both your iPhone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Step 4. Opt for "LonelyScreen" from the list of available options, and within moments, behold your iPhone screen effortlessly mirrored on your PC. Enjoy the straightforwardness of this screen sharing experience!


Way 3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror stands out as an exceptionally effective tool for reflecting your iPhone screen onto your PC. Utilizing advanced mirroring technology, it ensures a top-notch and superior mirroring experience. What distinguishes ApowerMirror is its capability to accommodate both wired and wireless connections, offering users increased flexibility for screen casting and amplifying versatility in the entire process.

Step 1. Install ApowerMirror on both your PC and iPhone by downloading the application.

Step 2. Ensure that both your PC and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Step 3. Open ApowerMirror on your iPhone, select "LocalCast," find your PC, choose its name, and tap "Mirror Phone to PC."


Step 4. On your iPhone, access the Control Center and tap either "AirPlay Mirroring" or "Screen Mirroring." Choose your PC's name from the list.


Step 5. Witness the seamless display of your iPhone screen on your PC. Revel in the mirroring experience!

Way 4. LetsView

LetsView presents a cutting-edge and free-of-charge application compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Simply install the app on your PC and iPhone, ensuring they share the same Wi-Fi network. This hassle-free setup enables you to effortlessly initiate the mirroring of your phone's content onto your PC. Here's a simple guide on wirelessly mirroring your iPhone screen to your PC:

Step 1. Visit the App Store and download LetsView; complete the installation process.

Step 2. Make sure your PC and iPhone are linked to the same wireless network.

Step 3. Open LetsView on both your iPhone and PC.

Step 4. On your phone, navigate to "Screen Mirroring" and select your PC with LetsView.


Step 5. Choose "Share my screen" and click "Start Broadcast" to commence screen sharing.


Step 6. Access the Control Center on your iPhone, tap "Screen Mirroring," choose your PC from the list, and watch your screen mirrored on your PC.


Way 5. AirDroid

AirDroid Cast delivers a wireless option for mirroring your iPhone screen on a PC, eliminating the need for cables. It provides various screen mirroring methods like WLAN, AirPlay, and USB options. When your devices share the same network, you can effortlessly mirror your iPhone screen to your PC without the hassle of wires. Going beyond iPhone screen mirroring, AirDroid also facilitates the mirroring and control of Android devices from your PC.

Step 1. Start by downloading, installing, and launching AirDroid Cast on both your iPhone and PC.

Step 2. On your PC, choose the WLAN method to establish the connection.

Step 3. Scan the QR code or input the cast code visible on your PC using your iPhone.


Step 4. Grant permission for casting on your PC when prompted.

Step 5. Enable Casting Permission on your iPhone.

Step 6. Congratulations! The casting process has been successfully initiated.

Way 6. TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer is a well-known remote desktop software, and it offers the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS. This application enables users to download it on their iPhones, facilitating screen sharing with computers and other devices. It's crucial to note that this app is not designed for remotely controlling iOS devices but is primarily focused on real-time viewing of the iPhone screen.

Step 1. Download the appropriate version of TeamViewer on both your iPhone and PC. Once installed, open TeamViewer on your iPhone, and you'll be greeted with your unique ID.


Step 2. On your PC, launch TeamViewer, input the ID of your iPhone into the partner ID field, and click "Connect."


Step 3. Your iPhone will prompt a connection request; simply tap "Allow" to grant permission. Now, you can remotely view your iPhone screen in real time.



In summary, this guide offers reliable and proven methods for achieving screen share from iPhone to PC. With various options available for wireless mirroring, AnyViewer emerges as a standout choice due to its free cost and versatile features. Beyond serving as screen-sharing software, AnyViewer provides additional functionalities such as remote unattended access, file transfer, and multi-monitor support. For a comprehensive solution, AnyViewer proves to be the optimal choice.