Top 7 Options to Screen Mirror Huawei to PC

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of how to screen mirror Huawei to PC. We'll cover various methods. Perfect for those looking to expand their productivity or enjoy mobile content on a larger screen.


By Carolyn / Updated on June 14, 2024

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How do I mirror my Huawei to my PC?

Today's ability to mirror your smartphone screen to your PC can greatly enhance your productivity and entertainment experience. For Huawei users, screen mirror Huawei to PCs is a handy feature for seamlessly viewing content on a larger display. Whether you want to show a presentation, play a mobile game, or watch a video on a larger screen, Huawei offers a variety of ways to make this happen. In this article, we'll explore the various ways to solve how to screen mirror Huawei to PC.

How to screen mirror Huawei to PC [7 options]

Many users trying to find Huawei cast to PC. If you want to screen mirror Huawei to PC effortlessly, this article will be your ultimate guide. We have found 7 options for you, you will see the description of these five methods and how they work. If you are also interested, continue reading.

Option 1. AnyViewer

For Huawei users looking to screen mirror Huawei to PC, AnyViewer offers an ideal solution. This powerful remote access tool provides seamless connectivity between your Huawei smartphone and your computer, allowing you to view and control your device's screen in real time.

AnyViewer is known for its user-friendly interface and robust performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive mirroring experience. Whether you need to share your screen for presentations, troubleshoot issues, or simply enjoy your mobile content on a larger display, AnyViewer makes the process simple and efficient.

To start, download and install AnyViewer on both your Huawei device and your PC. Then, follow the easy setup instructions to establish a secure connection. With AnyViewer, screen mirroring your Huawei to your PC has never been easier!

Step 1. Begin by downloading AnyViewer onto your PC, proceed with the installation, and then launch the application.

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Step 2. On your PC, navigate to the "Log in" section, click on "Sign up," and create a new AnyViewer account.

Step 3. Head to the "Device" section, select your local device, and opt for "Mobile screen mirroring."

Step 4. On your Huawei device, download AnyViewer from the app store, log in using the same account credentials, click "Start," and then scan the QR code displayed on your PC screen. Confirm by tapping "Start now" on the prompt.

Step 5. Your Huawei device screen will now be mirrored and displayed on your PC screen.

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Option 2. HiSuite

Huawei HiSuite is a versatile management tool designed to enhance the experience of Huawei smartphone users by providing seamless integration with PCs. One of its standout features is the ability to screen mirror your Huawei device to your PC, allowing you to view and interact with your phone's screen directly from your computer. This functionality is invaluable for presentations, demonstrations, gaming, or simply managing your phone more efficiently from a larger display.

Step 1. Start by downloading Huawei HiSuite onto your PC. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.

Step 2. Connect your Huawei phone to your computer via a USB cord. After establishing the connection, open the Huawei HiSuite application on your PC.

Step 3. On your Huawei phone, open the Settings app and search for "HDB." Select "Allow HiSuite to use HDB" from the results.

Step 4. Toggle the "Allow HiSuite to use HDB" switch to enable it. This will start the installation of the HiSuite app on your phone. Click "OK" to continue.

Step 5. Launch the HiSuite app on your Huawei phone. You will see an 8-digit verification code. Enter this code into the Huawei HiSuite application on your computer, then click "Connect Now."

Step 6. After a brief moment, the connection will be established, allowing you to seamlessly manage your Huawei phone from your PC.

Option 3. Wireless Projection

Wireless Projection is an intuitive and powerful feature that allows Huawei smartphone users to mirror their device screens wirelessly to a PC. While this feature might appear similar to regular MirrorShare, it offers advanced capabilities that simplify screen mirroring. Wireless projection is easy to use and allows you to display your Huawei screen on your PC, though you can only view it without interaction. To screen share your Huawei device seamlessly, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Ensure your Huawei phone supports wireless projection by going to "Settings" > "Device Connectivity" and enabling the feature.


Step 2. Connect both your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. On your PC, go to "Settings" > "System", select "Projecting to this PC", and click on "Optional features".

Step 4. Click on "Add a feature," search for "Wireless Display," and install it.

Step 5. If Wireless Display is already installed, skip the previous steps and proceed directly.


Step 6. Next, your phone will start automatically searching for available devices, and when your computer comes up, just click on it to connect.

option 4. AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a powerful and user-friendly application designed to enable Huawei smartphone users to mirror their device screens to a PC effortlessly. This versatile app not only supports screen mirroring but also allows for interactive control of your phone from your computer, making it an ideal tool for presentations, remote work, entertainment, and more.

Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Personal on both your Huawei device and your PC.

Step 2. Open the app on your Huawei device, sign in, and grant the necessary screen mirroring permissions.

Step 3. Log in to your AirDroid Personal account on your PC.

Step 4. On the PC interface, click the telescope icon, find and select your Huawei device, and choose "Screen Mirroring." Alternatively, use the "Remote Control" feature to control your Huawei device from your PC.

Step 5. Enjoy seamless viewing and control of your Huawei screen on your PC.

Option 5. ApowerMirror

This tool is a top choice for casting your mobile device to a larger screen. It offers a range of useful features and maintains the high video quality of Huawei devices, ensuring that the mirrored display is not compromised. It supports up to 1080P video quality and provides performance that is as responsive as your mobile device. To learn more about the app, follow this guide to cast your Huawei to a PC.

Step 1. Download and install the tool on both your PC and Huawei device.

Step 2. Ensure that your Huawei phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Open the app on your phone and choose the "Mirror" option.

Step 4. Allow the app to scan for available devices and select your PC from the list.

Step 5. Tap "Start now" to successfully mirror your Huawei screen to your PC.

Option 6. LetsView

Next in line is LetsView, a screen mirroring app that has been gaining popularity for its features. Notably, the tool is free to use. A standout feature is Miracast, which allows users to cast their device to any Miracast-ready device, such as a TV or PC. Here’s how to mirror your Huawei phone to a PC using LetsView:

Step 1. Download and install LetsView on both your Huawei device and the PC you wish to mirror to.

Step 2. Launch the LetsView app on both devices and ensure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Once connected, wait for your PC's name to appear on your Huawei's screen, then select it.

Step 4. Tap "Phone screen mirroring" and then "Start Now" to initiate the mirroring of your Huawei device to your PC.

Option 7. Phone Mirror

Phone Mirror is an intuitive and powerful application designed to help you mirror your Huawei smartphone's screen to your PC seamlessly. This tool is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their digital experience by projecting their phone's display onto a larger screen, making it ideal for presentations, entertainment, and multitasking.

Step 1. After downloading Phone Mirror on your PC, run the program to launch it. Connect your Huawei phone to your PC via a USB cable and enable USB debugging on your mobile device.

Step 2. Once connected, the program will detect your Huawei device. Click on the mirroring button available in the interface.

Step 3. Your Huawei phone screen will then be displayed on your PC immediately.


In conclusion, this guide has provided a thorough exploration of seven effective methods to screen mirror Huawei to PC. Whether you opt for AnyViewer's seamless remote access, HiSuite's versatile management, or other user-friendly options like Wireless Projection or AirDroid Cast, each solution offers unique benefits for enhancing productivity and enjoying mobile content on a larger display. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined for each method, you can easily connect your Huawei device to your PC and make the most of screen mirroring capabilities, whether for presentations, gaming, or simply improving your digital workflow. Choose the method that best suits your needs and enjoy a seamless mirroring experience.