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Want to get Chrome Remote Desktop setup via SSH

Hi everyone. I just have a thought. It is said that SSH can help users connect to a remote PC over a secure connection. I usually use Chrome Remote Desktop and I saw an option “Set up via SSH”. I’m wondering whether the security of remote sessions will be enhanced if I use “Set up via SSH” and how can I realize it. Thanks!”


Concrete steps to set up Chrome Remote Desktop with SSH

Actually, the security can be promoted if you use Chrome Remote Desktop with SSH tunnel. In this part, let’s figure out the concrete steps on how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop via SSH.


Part 1: Set up Chrome Remote Desktop on both PC

✎ Note: 2 PCs should log into the same Google account.

Step 1. Search Chrome Remote Desktop in the Chrome browser. Click on “Remote Access” and then click the blue download button.

Set Up Remote Access

Step 2. After adding and installing, enter a name and then click on “Next”.

Choose Name

Step 2. Set a PIN code and then click on “Start”.

Choose A PIN

Part 2: Chrome Remote Desktop Set up via SSH

Step 1. Locate the “Set up via SSH” tab and then hit the blue “Begin” button.

Set up Via SSH

Step 2. Select the "Next" button.

Set up Another Computer

Step 3. Click on the “Authorize” button to proceed.

Authorize Set up Another PC

Step 4. Copy the Windows (Powershell) command line with the token to your clipboard and then send the command line to the remote PC. (Here let’s take Powershell as an example.)

Run Powershell to Setup SSH

Step 5. On the remote desktop, Search "Powershell" in the search box and then copy & paste the command line. Press the “Enter” key and then enter the PIN code of the local PC. Finally, enter the PIN code again.

Enter the PIN Code

Step 6. Now locate “Remote Access” and click on the remote PC you want to connect to.

Remote Devices

Step 7. Enter the PIN of the host computer, then click the blue arrow. Then you can start to control it.

Remote Devices

AnyViewer: Get remote access securely and easily

Now you must know how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop via SSH on Windows. It does guarantee the security of your remote session. However, we have to admit that the process is kind of troublesome. And we may meet with some issues when we use Command Prompt or Powershell to enter PIN code. Here we strongly recommend a definitely secure remote access software-- AnyViewer.

AnyViewer is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, and the whole remote session will be protected and the data won’t be leaked. Apart from that, you can upgrade to the higher version to experience the feature Privacy Mode with which the screen of the host PC will be blackened and the keyboard & mouse will be disabled for a further guarantee of security. 

▶ Important: You can get unattended remote access with one click if 2 PCs are logging into and assigned to the same AnyViewer account, which is fairly convenient.

Click on the blue button and follow me to have a try.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Download, install and launch AnyViewer on both computers. Go to Log in, and then click Sign up

Log in AnyViewer

Step 2. Fill in the signup information.

Sign Up for AnyViewer

Step 3. Then you can see you successfully logged in to AnyViewer. Your device will automatically be assigned to the account you've logged in to.

Free Editions

Step 4. Log in to the same AnyViewer account on the two devices, then you can achieve a direct connection by clicking "One-click control".



The concrete steps on how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop via SSH on Windows are shown above. Hope the steps can help you get the remote session securely. But if the session fails or the whole process is a little bit complex for you, a professional remote access software-- AnyViewer can be a nice shot for you.