By Carolyn / Last Updated March 14, 2024

What is the app that lets you view Android cameras?

Which are the best apps for remote camera viewing? There are many best app for remote camera viewing. In an age where connectivity and security are paramount, the ability to view camera information remotely has become essential. Whether you're an IT person looking to view other customer's desktop screens from one computer or a user remotely controlling your Android device's camera, having the right app to view your camera remotely is crucial. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top contenders in the field of best free app for remote camera viewing and highlight the best apps for this purpose.

Best app for remote camera viewing [3 options]

If you are looking for the best app for remote camera viewing, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce 3 options for you to view Android camera remotely. You have the option to select the most suitable one for yourself.

Option 1. AnyViewer

AnyViewer has become the best free app for remote camera viewing, specially tailored for remote viewing. AnyViewer is a free, secure, user-friendly remote control software. Users can control remote Android devices and view cameras according to their own needs, making management easier. With AnyViewer, users can flexibly manage and control remote Android devices and view cameras at any time.

Additionally, this versatile platform can be used beyond mere monitoring, providing additional features critical for remote control such as file transfer, screen sharing, remote communication and more.

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Step 1. Start by downloading and installing AnyViewer on your Android device. Once installed, open the app and register a new account by tapping "Register now."

Step 2. Then, download and install AnyViewer on your other device and log in using the same account credentials.

Step 3. Navigate to the "Devices" section of AnyViewer, select your Android device, and choose "Remote control."

Step 4. On your Android device, grant permission by tapping "Allow" and activating "AnyViewer Auxiliary Service" in Installed Services.

Step 5. You're all set! Now, take control of your phone from your other devices using AnyViewer or remotely view your Android phone’s camera.


★Tips: For a more convenient and comprehensive remote control experience across multiple devices, consider upgrading your account to either a Professional or Enterprise plan.


Option 2. AirDroid

AirDroid Personal is an Android remote camera app that can be your second choice. This application allows users to remotely access both the front and rear cameras in real time from a computer or another Android phone. It transforms any Android device into a remote camera. Moreover, it offers a variety of additional remote access functionalities.

However, it lacks a free version and necessitates payment, which may not be suitable for many users.

Step 1. Install the AirDroid Personal Mobile Client on your Android phone and sign in using your AirDroid account.

Step 2. Next, install the AirDroid Personal Desktop Client on your computer and log in with the same AirDroid account.

Step 3. Launch the AirDroid desktop client and click on the Telescope icon located on the left sidebar.

Step 4. Select your Android phone from the list and click on "Remote Camera" to establish a connection.


Option 3. DroidCam

With over 10 million installs on the Google Play Store, DroidCam stands out as one of the most widely used remote camera apps for Android. Once you install the desktop client on your PC, this application facilitates the connection between your PC and Android phone, enabling remote monitoring. Users have the flexibility to establish connections wirelessly or via a USB cable. A standout feature is its capability to operate in the background, even with the screen off, conserving battery life.

Step 1. Download and install DroidCam on your phone and computer.

Step 2. Launch DroidCam on both devices at the same time.

Step 3. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect your computer and phone to the same network.

Step 4. As depicted in the figure below, input the IP address and DroidCam port number as shown in the application into the computer client.


Step 5. Finally, click “Start” to view your Android phone camera.


Choosing the best app for remote camera viewing for Android is crucial for effective surveillance and peace of mind. By considering factors such as features, compatibility, and security, you can find the perfect app to meet your needs. Whether you opt for AnyViewer, AirDroid, or DroidCam, rest assured that remote Android camera viewing has never been easier or more accessible.