Features of AnyViewer for Mobile Device

AnyViewer, remote desktop app for Android & iOS enables you to access and control PC from anywhere with considerate features added.

Unattended Remote Access

With the same account or security code set previously, you can control unattended PC easily.

Power Management

During the remote session, click Power Management and you can lock, restart or shut down computer from phone.

Manage Connected Devices

Once you have connected to a device before, you can see it in the Currently Connected list to manage it.

Show Desktop

In the session, you can switch between the desktop and the current interface on the remote PC with one click.

Virtual Mouse

The virtual mouse on phone makes you feel that you’re using the real mouse, greatly simplify your operating process.

Hide Desktop Wallpaper

If the network isn’t in good condition, you can hide desktop wallpaper to make the session smoother.

Flexible Control Modes

Two control modes are available. Mouse Mode uses the cursor to control PC; Touch Mode uses tap on phone to control PC.

Rotate Screen

You can rotate the screen horizontally to make the remote session window match your phone/tablet completely.

How Does AnyViewer Works?

Step 1. Set up AnyViewer on PC

Download AnyViewer for Windows, install and run it. Create an AnyViewer account and log into it.

Step 2. Log into the same account on mobile device

Download AnyViewer from App Store or Google Play on iPhone or Android phone; run it and log into the same account.

Step 3. Go to Device and find the to-be-controlled PC

Then go to Device > My devices; locate the computer that you need to access and click it.

Step 4. Take full control of the remote PC

Now, click One-click control and you can see the screen of the remote computer. And use it from your mobile device.

Note: This is about how to control PC from mobile phone with one-click;
you can also use security code to get access or send remote control.

Customer Stories

See what our customers have said about AnyViewer for Mobile Device

I like the interface, its really intuitive and concise. The most amazing thing is that I can connect my iPhone to my computer even the two devices are not under the same network. And I don’t need to do any configurations. Really good for computer novice.

Alden S

This software is so sweet, they even provide us with a Gesture Guide! At first, I have encountered problems using both the Mouse Mode and Touch Mode. But after seeing the Gesture Guide, things are all clear out. Now I can operate it freely.

Johnson B

I travel a lot, and this product really do me a big favour. It allows me to quickly remotely control my office computer from my iPhone or iPad. I don’t have to bring my bulky laptops with me anymore.

Samantha K

I’m trying to perfect a laptop-free workflow by using my iPad and remote desktop apps. Luckily, I found AnyViewer. It is just the one that I was looking for. Works perfectly on my iPad. Thanks for the technicians!

Sophia K

I’ve been an AnyViewer iOS user for a few months, and I’ve never encountered any bugs so far. It is really stable. I’ll continue using it. Hope it develop more features in the future.

Allen K

It works perfectly on both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve used a lot of other remote desktop software before, but none of them works well as AnyViewer, really fast and stable.

Olivia U