Why Choose AnyViewer?

AnyViewer, a reliable remote desktop manager, enables you to establish remote connection from one computer to one or multiple computers for remote work, technical support, etc. Download it and enjoy it.

Great connection performance

The remote access software has fast connection speed with high-image quality, bringing great user experience for connecting to and control remote PCs.

Flexible connection ways

Connect one PC from another PC via Control Request when your partner can receive request manually; or through security code if you have already set security code on the host PC.

Ultra-simple configuration

The remote desktop manager has intuitive interface and all you don’t need make complicated configuration for connection within the same network or on different network.

What is Coming Soon….

  • Support remote connection without installing software (via web browser)
  • Add file transfer/ chat function

Steps to Remote Desktop using AnyViewer


Download and install AnyViewer separately on the host and the client PC.


Connect to the remote PC from the client via Request Control or Security Code.


Control the remote PC as if you were there.